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East New York Stamp

Jeru tha Damaja f/ Afu-Ra Lyrics


East New York Stamp Lyrics

East New York Stamp Song Lyrics

[Forest Whitaker reading]

Samurai linguist, others suck like ?conalingist?
I burn sh*t up like a poison penis
Make your whole style seem meaningless
Match wits wit this
Call your squad the hole of fortrus
I swoop down like a dirty Brooklyn pigeon
Swing my sword wit precision
Lightning speed blurs your vision
Like a surgeon wit razor sharp incision
Subconcious like hypnotism
Water on the brain, the mental baptism
Put your aura in prison
Block up your chi, and bend your light like a prism

Yeah, those walkin the dog stand personified
Study lessons and plant seeds to fertilize
Straight up, I slaughter the ? that's got the order
Spit flyin straight at my mouth is holy water
I damage flows, on the mics crushin your matter
And saw you scatter, and couldn't put you back together
Fist of ten rings, I'm scr*pin Jews up out the gutter
Hittin ya, splittin ya thoughts like Forest Whitaker
Sick wit the, get wit the thoughts next to ?
Utmost, you want lyrics, here's an overdose
Preverb'll tell you wit styles, you'll be a ghost
I did it a lot, I been in the spot, I rip it alot
And now some motherf**kas wanna try to scheme and plot
And takin chances in life like throwin dice
It's Afu-Ra, I return from death twice
You talkin bout skills? Yeah yeah, I'm twice as nice
Take it to the apex, and push it high-tech
These petty MC's, they picture-paintin hot sex
I melt tracks, I bomb sets wit hot wax
You want some spiritual syllables wit the chemicals
Murdered down eighty-five percent subliminal
Ten percent, fire burn em wit my visual
Five percent, we break bread all in the mental
I keep it comin like rotisserie, and missin me
Straight up and down, I let you know I do it wickedly

[Vocal sample]

[Chorus (Jeru) 3x]
It's the Code of the Samurai, prepare to die
Know you'll die, Brooklyn E-N-Y

It's the Code of the Samurai...