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January, 10th 2017
Such a grim name and such an easy song in the genre of pop with nice sandy sounding maracas, which set the beat throughout the melody. We would like to shake own heads, tapping our fingers on the tabletop and listen to the words. And a singer broadcasts the importance, about the need of money and the fact what people deprived of, who do not have those money. Or they gain something instead? Reference: Alan Price: Wikipedia

Poor People lyrics - Alan Price

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Poor People Song Lyrics

Poor people are poor people
And they don't understand
A man's got to make whatever he wants
And take it with his own hands
Poor people stay poor people
And they never get to see
Someone's got to win in the human race
If it isn't you, then it has to be me
So smile while you're makin' it
Laugh while you're takin' it
Even though you're fakin' it
Nobody's gonna know
Nobody's gonna know
It's no use mumbling
It's no use grumbling
Life just isn't fair
There's no easy days
There's no easy ways
Just get out there and do it!
And sing and they'll sing your song
Laugh while you're getting on
Smile and they'll string along
And nobody's gonna know
Nobody's gonna know
Nobody's gonna know
And nobody's gonna know

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