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A Taste for Love lyrics - The Coconutz

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A Taste for Love Song Lyrics

A Taste For Love by Forgetting Sarah Marshall cast.
This is a song that I never thought I would write
On the night that I'm dying
Sorry for all the wrong I've done.
I'm finished trying.
It was a wonderful dream...
Now let him come and slay me.
Van Helsing:
There he is!
The demon who haunted the streets of London!
I've come to slay you,
Here I am!
I'll leave you bleeding in my dungeon...
I'll never obey you,
I'll rip out your oesophagus!
Dracula's Lover:
Please, Mr Van Helsing,
Listen to me.
He is just a man
Who wishes to be free!
Female Villager:
Lay him in a hearse
You must end this curse!
Male Villager:
He is the worst!
[ Dramatic fight, Van Helsing stabs Dracula with a stake into his heart. ]
Dracula's Lover:
Don't go, my love.
I can't say goodbye...
My reign is done!
It's time to die.
Dracula's Lover:
I'm pregnant.
Dracula ...
Van Helsing:
What have I done!
Who killed Dracula!
... Has flown above,
But he found a taste
A taste for love.
Van Helsing:
My life is a lie...
Dracula's Lover:
Sweet Dracula,
I miss my young dead prince.
I'll never see him again,
Until my death.
... What a wonderful dream,
To find a taste for love,
A taste for love.
[Thanks to Marcos, Melissa for lyrics]