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To Da River (Movie Version)

Soundtrack: Fighting Temptations

Song Lyrics

To Da River (Movie Version) Song Lyrics

Yeah, yeah yeah yeah
all that street-corner barber shop harmony
thats cool, right?
we got come new hip-hop in Monte Carlo, Georgia, for ya'll tonight-- yo, Briggs

I'm sick of packin' all these nines
Slingin' dimes and smokin' all the marijuana
Chillin' with pretty mamas from Havana in the Bahamas
Most demons tryin' to see me hot, like im in the sauna
And I'm just tryin' to get you loose, kinda like Madonna

Call up everybody I know, tell 'em it's time to go
Me and Bee-Z in the 6-4 sittin' real low
Got the roll to the riverside put that liquor to the side
Ain't no need for getting high, stay alive, in touch

Helps you die, that cocaine, get me trippin', y'all
Never been lickin' that, none of my burdens
Because I don't wanna be left and burnin'
Flirtin' with death
And make promise my last breath
Dressed in prison blues
Holy Spirit got me under arrest

I used to be a thug, sold drugs
Might have stalked you
Stepped up in the church got converted at the altar
And I fought 'ya
Feel back and he caught you
Out tryin' to floss, better live what he taught you

(montell jordan)
Goin' down

we goin' down to the river
Take it to the river

(montell jordan)
Goin' down, baby

Yo, yo
Down to the river
Take it to the river

And lay down
Haulin' my glocks and automatics
I'm charismatis like crack addicts
You wreak havoc like road ragers in bad traffic
It gets drastic, but He's fantastic
In attracting no one packing, now we're fasting
Has the passion, how can I get this life everlasting?
Sick of blastin' and dashin', flashin' like Charles Manson
Give me the ransom, now we're glory, holla, dancin'
I'm flippin' and rippin' to come up with lyrical styles
Ya'll never heard
Tryin' to reach you clib the stair
Beyond all of this trippin' birds
Forget the Enlighs but rhymes, but I'm the jefe
They bust the rich, bringin' beats like Tito Puente
salsa, merengue, repos caleintes
azucar sabroso para ti and para mi

(montell jordan)
Goin' down

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