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To Da River

T-Bone, Zane, Montell Jordan Lyrics


To Da River Lyrics

To Da River Song Lyrics

Mr.Boney Bone
LiL Zane
And the one and only Busta
Holla at 'em Zane let 'em know how we do pimpin'

Wasn't for him I wouldn't be alive
For tellin' lies
Since then baptized look in my eyes
Can you see the pain?
Why does the sun shine when it rains?
Hard times got me feelin'
Daddy never did a thang
I'm GOD's chosen
He put me in a rolls
And keeps my wrist frozen
Never brown nosin'
Like an explosin'
I cause a comotion
Spit the truth like a profit
I talk to the ocean
People fear what they cant understand
I thank GOD that I can
I stay focused keepin' Him in my plan
Never losin' my fate
Haters gonna try to degrate
Gotta be in my state of mind to relate
Gotta know this is the end and ain't no time to waist
Time to face your fate
And I pray you don't end up in the lake
Do whatever it takes
So many mistakes we make
But we gone all get it right
Once we down by the river side

(Montell Jordan:)
Goin' Down(We goin down to da river, take it to da river)
Goin' down baby(Yo Yo down to da river take it to da river)
Goin' down
Goin' down baby(We goin' down to da river)

I'm gonna lay down
All of my glocks and automatics
I'm charismatic like crack addicts
Ya wreak havoc
Like road ragers in bare traffic
It gets drastic
But He's fantastic and attractin'
Never packin'
Now I'm fastin'
(Hazard)With passion
How can I get this life everlastin'?
Sick of blastin'and dashin'
Flashin' like Charles Manson
He payed the ransom
Now I'm glory holla dancin'
I'm flippin' it rippin' it
Comin' wit lyrical styles ya'll never heard
Steady reachin' partnas
That be on them corners flippin' birds
Forget the english spit rhymes para mi jente
Buster and giovanni bringing beats like tito fuente
Salsa merengue,
Ripos caliente,
Asucar sabroso par ti y para mi
Headin' down to the river side
So I can let the old man die
When I come out of the water
A new man feel it come alive
Revived with the Holy Ghost and tears in my eyes


We so hot
We don't stop
We take it to the river ya know we goin' down, down
Cause we so hot

I'm sick of packin' all these 9's
Slangin' dimes and smokin' on da marijuana
Chillin' wit pretty momma's
From Havanah in the Bahamahs
Plus demons tryna see me hot like I'm in da sauna
And I'm just tryna get ya loose kinda like Madonna

Call up everybody I know
Tell 'em it's time to go
Me and T-Bone in the 6-4 sittin real low
Bout to roll to da riverside
Put that liquor to da side ain't no need for gettin high
Stay alive, pay your tithes

Cause El shadi
Got me trippin' ya'll
Now I been laying down all of my burdens because I don't wanna be left and burnin'
Flirtin' with death and He
Promise my last breath
Dressed in prison blues
Holy Spirit got me under arrest

I used to be a thug
Sold drugs might assault ya
Stepped up in da church
Got converted at the altar
And I don't fault ya
Fell back and he caught ya
Out tryna floss better live what he tought ya


We so hot
We don't stop
We take it to the river ya know we goin' down, down
Cause we so hot

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