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Daylight Savings lyrics - Goh Nakamura

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Daylight Savings Song Lyrics

Watch the sunset bleed the day and
Soak the sky in red,
And the evening wraps its bandage
Around it's wounded head
Let's send a day like this to infirmary
Whisper when you want me
Breathe a sigh into the wind,
And you can shout it if you need to get it out
And catch my whim
Let's book the first flight
To where you want to go
And a day like this goes down
In infamy there's no goodbyes,
And i just can't believe
That we won't see him anymore
Gone forever to the void
Butterfly sheds her cocoon
And i don't know why but it seemed too soon…
And i sympathize with sorrow for the one
I didn't know and it's sad she never found him
And it's sad he had to go before
The daylight had faded naturally
And i'm waiting at the harbor
As your ship is coming
In and your waving in the distance
And you're sailing in the wind
I clench my eyes tight these tears don't wanna go
Daylight saving me an hour to re-gain
My patience just to wait for you
But i don't see you anymore
Guess we're always out the door
But we still have this afternoon
And the setting sun and the fickle moon…
Watch the sunset bleed the day
And soak the night in red,
And the stars appear like brilliant scars
To heal the things i said let's send a day
Like this to emergency