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Blind Pig Lyrics - Emmi

Soundtrack: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Song Lyrics

Blind Pig Song Lyrics

The phoenix cried fat tears of pearl
While the dragon snapped up his best girl
And the Billywig forgot to twirl,
When his sweetheart left him cold

The unicorn done lost his horn,
And the Hippogriff feels all forlorn,
'Cause their lady loves have upped and gawn,
Or that's what I've been told

Yes love...
Love has set the beasts astir,
The dang'rous and the meek concur,
It's ruffled feathers, fleece, and fur,
'Cause love drives all of us wild.

March, 10th 2017
This song by an Australian singer Emmi is one of several officially presented on the site as of the date of writing this note, but actually, it is only one of 26 pieces that are created for this movie. This song enters the Deluxe edition (disc 2), which was not included in the standard collection of 17 pieces. The standard lasts for 72 whole minutes, while Deluxe is as long as 100 (1 hour and 40 minutes). It looks like the most part of the soundtrack is instrumental, like Hedwig's Theme.
The good-looking girl with curly golden hair Emily Joy Green, better known as Emmi, only has two or several more songs by the time, but she had written over a hundred of singles that yet come to light. She is planning to make her first official studio album by the end of 2016, and as she tells herself, it is about to be the best pieces of what she wrote up to now, though nobody heard not a single piece from them. She found her producer after she became famous as Taylor Swift reposted her songs in her official Instagram account (this repost received over 1 million likes by now). This was a huge spring for her career and Emily Joy Green used it at fullest.
For the time being, actually none from the Internet sources knows who is Emmi – there is no date of birth, no information about parents and education (all but one told nothing, but at least we know that she was a graduate of Frederick Irwin Anglican School in WA, the US, without no further details). Later, she moved to Australia and later again – to the UK, where she is now, building up her career.
Before becoming a singer and a songwriter, this starting artist was an actress (‘Home and Away,’ TV series done in Australia and ‘The Bill,’ English TV series) and a producer of low-budget movies. Once in the tour with a film ‘Home and Away’ she has decided that what she loved the most was songwriting. So she shifted her career and one day, she woke up famous thanks to Mrs. Taylor, who is now the most popular person on Earth and the most well-earning showbiz star in the world as of 2016. It is definitely worth catching the up-hilling wave when you are promoted for free by such a woman! (Did you know that Taylor Swift became very popular also thanks to performing a popular song from ‘Hunger Games’ parts 1 and 4 soundtracks?) Mr. Green calls this a magical accident, as no could suppose that Mrs. Taylor would ever find her song(s) on the Internet, listens to it, likes it, and posts it on her Internet page. Pure luck, which is not rare in the showbiz and so required for the beginners like Emmi.
As for the song, it is of several lines and 1:29 in length. The beginning of it resembles jazz of ‘bootlegger times.’ The lyrics of the song are totally inside-Harry Potter universe style: she mentions here phoenix, dragon, Billywig, unicorn, Hippogriff, beasts, and unites them under two things. First is the unification of vegetation on their bodies: ‘feathers, fleece, and fur,’ and the second thing is she tells they all have some emotions, like crying aloud, feeling cold, forlorn or unhappy, and astir. The main thing is that they all miss their second part, their beloved lady and feel wild about it.
The song has a name Blind Pig and it is not for nothing: it is the name of a speakeasy bar ruled by the character of Ron Perlman (goblin Gnarlack in the film). For those who thinks curvaceous and free-minded enough, and who are prone to make interesting connections inside the head, he or she may tumble to the fact that this song covers just the same naming of everyone who is in the Harry Potter universe, and they are all gathered under the name of a bar. The same as it was done with physical gathering of creatures in the Star Wars episode with Han Solo, when he was in the bar stuffed with various representatives of alien races from all over the galaxy, representing not only the ripe imagination of SW creators but the alleged diversification of the creatures in Universe of the Galaxy Far-Far-Away… Maybe this bar from SW gave the performer Emmi the idea of gathering all creatures in this song? The drastic difference is that in SW’s bar, they were all happy and drunk a little, but here they are all sad.

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