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January, 06th 2017
A brief song, just 1:45. Funk rock in the style of the song by Viktor Tsoy "When Your Girlfriend Is Ill". Playful, beautiful and, in principle, with a child intelligibly tells about what is happening in our adult lives. It is all like this, in fact. All unnecessary complications are made by people who are skeptical and want to satisfy life whatsoever. Anything at all. If life is not complete, then it is necessary to diversify it artificially, many think. Reference: "I Love You" by Eternal Summers on BandCamp

I Love You lyrics - Eternal Summers

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I Love You Song Lyrics

Who are you?
What you do?
Who are you?
Who are you?
I love you, you love, too.
You are you, you love you.
Under the radar I had to do some ray gun
Don't distort yourself, why you got to get the hell out of here