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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

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Not cool girl suddenly discovers that she is not cool and wants to become very tough, with the help of one of the most popular guys in the school. Oh, how many movies and TV series filmed on this topic! How many talking were said. How many variations on the theme can be seen in real life! Even classics wrote on this subject – such as Hans Christian Andersen and his "Ugly Duckling". It is simply an eternal topic that is being discussed in various forms and is as old as the world. All the eternal themes in the world are: the oldest profession, love, life, death, money, taxes, and the Ugly Duckling.
This film is about teenagers and for teenagers. Not for a second thinking of the fact that in the real life people grow up from such losers into big bosses, who then recruit all tough guys and princesses from school. And mock them as they mocked this future bosses in the school. Because the first category is diligent, hardworking and purposeful. And second ones just think about themselves and their outward appearance.
Musical selection carefully and lovingly chosen for the same teens and contains exceptional samples of what is now acceptable by young people. Basically, it is, of course, rock (All Night, Heavy Mood or Do Ya). Artists are represented here by Jessie J, which in her work showed us jazz, imagine that! And Ludwig van Beethoven, who demonstrated the classics, despite the fact that he died a couple of centuries ago. What a popular composer! He still used in the motion pictures! Although he would unlikely be pleased that his imperishable works used in such frivolous films, but come on – if only like this to call new listeners to the classics, then it's definitely worth it.
Watch, enjoy, take plenty of popcorn, go to the movie with a big company, have fun as you can while young and full of enthusiasm!

January, 06th 2017


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