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As We Stumble Along lyrics

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As We Stumble Along Song Lyrics

As we stumble along
on life's funny journey.
As we stumble along into the blue.
We look here, and we look there.
Seeking answers anywhere.
Never sure of where to turn or what to do.
Still we bumble our way
through life's crazy labrynth.
Barely knowing left from right
nor right from wrong.
And the best that we can do
is hope a blue bird,
will sing his song
as we stumble along.
It's a dismal little world in which we live.
It can bore you till you've nothing left to give.
Seven overrated wonders, sever underwhelming seas.
Six excruciating continents.
Antarctica. Oh please!
Yet you musn't let it lick you
this planet oh so bland.
Keep your eyeball on the highball
in your hand.
As we stumble along
'cross life's crowded dance floors.
As we push and we shove
we live and we learn.
And when we finally leave the bar,
And we see that morning star,
we pull our boot straps up
and homeward turn.
Then we stumble away
through dawn's blinding sunbeams.
Barely knowing right from right nor left from wrong.
But as long as we can hear that little blue bird
There'll be a song as we stumble along.
As we stumble,
As we stumble along.