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Give it Up

Jodeci Lyrics


Give it Up Lyrics

Give it Up Song Lyrics

What's up, yeah
Let a nigga know
where you wanna go
is it Acapulco
I got the money doe
you got my body and them lines be on the highway
so I say what up, we may get to hook up on friday
I heard you got the bomb sh*t
them niggaz actin dumb
kinda think I wanna hit it like a snare drum, dogg
what I do, is what I do
yeah, no doubt
thinkin' about you
Jodeci help me sing it now
I was just
sitting right here
waiting for you my dear
I was just chillin'
are you willin'
to give up that feelin' X2

Oh, it's ten in the morning
baby I'm a-yawning
didn't get no sleep last night
thinking about your love
it's so tight
Oh I'm mesmerized by your face
wanna see your pany lace
and you know I'm on the real
I wanna give you some sexual healing


baby do you have the time
to hear what's on my mind
try and understand
sexin' you is the master plan
baby don't be shy
please don't try and fight
baby give me half a chance
let me show you romance


say it again, say it again
did it right here
and I'm waiting, waiting, waiting
I was just chillin'
are you willin', baby
tell me, wanna know
got to know

give it up, give it up
give it up, show me love