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Music Video

Funky Sounds

Lil Bud & Tizone Lyrics


Funky Sounds Lyrics

Funky Sounds Song Lyrics

[Intro/Chorus: Lil' Bud, (Tizone)]

(Now here comes Lil' Bud with another hit)
Yeah I got the hits that them busters can't get wit
So everybody just get on down
and get captivated by the funky sounds

[Lil' Bud]
Now back up back up cos this shorty here's not loco
cos I be's the one with them hellafied vocals
The kids from New York to LA so mayday
Everyday all day I say what I wanna say
So tune your ears to the speakers, watch em go boom
BAM, I slam cos Lil' Bud is who I am
I guess you noticed but if you haven't noticed
you better focus, cos it ain't no one can quote this
paragraph that I gets ill with
I got the lyrics that them fools can't deal with
Cos I am, so so deffer than the average MC
The roughneck get ill with the click you can't see


[Lil' Bud]
Now ya see everytime I pick up a mic things get live
I got more Mack than Craig so, chumps won't you glide
to the rear, beware, ugh, cos Lil' Bud's comin thru
I'm smashin up your set so whatchu gonna do?
Fools tryin ta come and test this real one
Tryin ta test me, ugh, quickly you get peeled, son
When I come creepin from the clutch you best step to the side
See I glide, thru the area of the Southside
The place where the funk gets loved
Ya see my lyrics rolled up my tongue like the grace of a dove
I shove, lyrics thru your eardrums
If ya want some, come and get some, I don't think ya want none


[Lil' Bud]
Throw your hands in the air like you just don't care
Say "Ho!" (HO!!!) if ya feel the flavor in ya ear
I got that, laid back type um, ghetto funk for days
cos I can freak this rhyme in a hundred different ways
Cos I got it locked down, with the new sound
You best ta believe that Lil' Bud is platinum bound
Cos I got wicked in the '9-4 then '9-5 is live
So I'ma bout to take you on a ride
So strap up, pay attention to the way we get down
I'm tired of fools saying dat me and my brother can't clown
But ain't no thing for me to get wreck
cos I'm risin to the top like the speed of a 'vette

[Chorus (x3)]