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Music Video

Classic Man - Jidenna

Soundtrack: Dirty Grandpa

Song Lyrics

Classic Man Song Lyrics

My name calling all night
I can pull the wool while I'm being polite
Like, darling calling all night
I can be a bull while I'm being polite
Like, oh me, oh me oh my
I know many women want to be in my life
Like, oh me, oh me oh my
Why can't every woman end up being my wife?

Even if she go away, even if she go away
Even if she go away, even if she go away

I'm a classic man
You can be me when you look this clean
I'm a classic man
Calling on me like a young OG
I'm a classic man
Your needs get met by the street, elegant old fashioned man
Yeah baby I'm a classic man

I burn through the hood like whoa
When everybody's feeling so cold
I'm cool like Nat King Cole
And niggas get a bit of my glow
I got charm like a leprechaun, mummaf**ker
Now y'all f**king with the wrong mummaf**ker
Treat me like a don, mummaf**ker
And we don't live by the law, mummaf**ker



[Roman GianArthur:]
I burn through the gate like whoa
And everybody get in, we know
I love life, living like gold
And niggas wanna get in my glow
I got mad love for my crew, mummaf**ker
I'm the- I'm the man, who are you mummaf**ker?
Shine bright like a jewel, mummaf**ker
Even under fire I'm cool, mummaf**ker

[Roman GianArthur:]
Even when she go away, even when she go away
Even when she go away, even when she go away


Keep my gloves dirty but my hands clean
Got to keep the business in the family
Bread when I'm filling up the pantry
Now my niggas slang 'caine like a dandy
I tell you how it go
You pull out rubber bands, I pull out an envelope
The ladies on my elbow ain't for the show
Every madame on my team is a top general, oh
Got to be ready for war, war
Should they get into my door, door?
Get 'em, we'll get 'em, I know that we'll get 'em
Cause I lived through this sh*t before, oh


October, 30th 2016
Jidenna is an author of this slow composition of 4:06, which can be attributed to R’n’B genre rather than to any other. He has strange appearance. In particular, beard is not suitable in its style to his face. In general, it is an attempt to look good and to make quality music, stylized on colonial times, but it turned out something unintelligible and vain, where the eye does not focus on anything in the frame. In addition, the performer is a male with female stage name. Strange.

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