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Dirty Grandpa Lyrics

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2016

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Dirty Grandpa album description:

This film is built on the antagonism of two very dissimilar characters – old granny, who incredibly starving for entertainment and is ready to screw all the girls who agree on it, and his grandson, who is too serious for his years, very right and in general, he has a wedding upcoming. The first is played by full-of-energy Robert De Niro, and the second – by Zac Efron & his role is very similar to the tedious Ed Helms, who in the first part of The Hangover sprinkles with too boring lyrics, being henpecked (however, in Hangover, he throws his annoying fiancée and begins to live to the fullest, about the same as such mega-hits of this collection, Macarena and Vamos A La Playa call listeners to entertain).
The collection is very different, but dance songs dominate (Make It Roll). Having the big overwhelming majority of them, there is a place for slow, melancholic melodies, full of love (Because You Loved Me, performed originally by Celine Dion, but here made by the cast of motion picture), as well as of a good rock by the band of beginners, Tab The Band.
Among other things, the collection has even a country song, and a few instrumental compositions. Lyrics of some are so simple that cuts into the brain right away, for example, cover hit by Loona. A film with such a variety of music cannot fail to please the audience, what is already clearly shown by the box office – in less than week and a half after the start of rentals, the film has collected already 30 million, and will not rest on the laurels. It is likely that viewers should expect no less successful sequel in 1–3 years. This may well be the beginning of a successful franchise and we shall even expect to receive such a format of screen heroes as trendy. Fans of judicious youth and reckless senility – rush to the cinema!

October, 30th 2016


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