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Still Myself lyrics - Melissa Manchester

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Still Myself Song Lyrics

I thought i'd live by your side,
And die in your arms,
We were close as the wind to the rain,
I thought i'd take on your dreams,
And bathe in your light,
But this moment is all that remains,
And i know i'll make something from nothing,
But the first steps the hardest to take,
So i will still myself, conquer my fears,
And i will still myself, cushion the fall,
So i will still myself,
So deep in the silence till i recall,
I'm still myself afterall,
Though i know that i'll never,
Walk in these shoes, and your
Footprints have washed in the sand,
No i can't stay forever,
Waiting by the shore,
By my life feels like some foreign
Land, sometimes we all feel like strangers,
Just tryng to find a way home,
In the whisper of memories,
In my heart you are with me,
And the part of the journey,
Is having the faith to go on,