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Thomas Omalley Cat

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Thomas Omalley Cat Lyrics

Thomas Omalley Cat Song Lyrics

I'm like a chee-chee-chee-chee-rony like they make at home
Or a healthy fish with a big backbone
I'm Abraham De Lacy
Guiseppe Casey
Thomas O'Malley
O'Malley the alley cat

I've got that wanderlust
Gotta walk the scene
Gotta kick up highway dust
Feel the grass that's green
Gotta strut them city streets
Showin' off my eclat, yeah
Tellin' my friends of the social elite
Or some cute cat I happen to meet
That I'm
Abraham De Lacy
Guiseppe Casey
Thomas O'Malley
O'Malley the alley cat

Duchess (spoken): Why, monsieur, your name seems to cover all of Europe
O'Malley (spoken): Well of course. I'm the only cat of my kind.

I'm king of the highway
Prince of the boulevard
Duke of the avant-garde
The world is my backyard
So if you're goin' my way
That's the road you wanna seek
Calcutta to Rome or home, sweet home,
In Paris, magnifique, you all!

Toulouse (spoken): Oh, boy! An alley cat!
Marie (spoken): Shh! Listen.

I only got myself
And this big old world
But I sip that cup of life
With my fingers curled
I don't worry what road to take
I don't have to think of that
Whatever I take is the road I make
It's the road of life make no mistake
For me, yeah,
Abraham De Lacy
Guiseppe Casey
Thomas O'Malley
O'Malley the alley cat

That's right
And I'm very proud of that

March, 12th 2024
"Thomas O'Malley Cat" from Disney's "The Aristocats," released in 1970, is a spirited and charusmatic song that introduces the character Thomas O'Malley, the smooth-talking alley cat. Through this musical number, O'Malley shares his adventurous and carefree philosophy on life, capturing the essence of his wanderlust and his pride in being an alley cat.

Main Message and Theme.
The song celebrates the freedom of living life on one's own terms, emmbracing the journey, and finding joy in the adventure. Thomas O'Malley's self-assured and laid-back attitude towards life's uncertainties reflects a message of self-reliance and the beauty of independence.

Meaning and Summary.
Through his song, Thomas O'Malley introduces himself with a series of grandiose names, implying a worldly and cultured background, despite his alley cat status. The lyrics express his love for wandering, experiencing the vibrant scenes of the city streets, and enjoying life's pleasures. His declaration of being "king of the highway, Prince of the boulevard" underscores his free-spirited nature and his claim over the world as his playground.

The song's upbeat tempo and catchy melody complement Thomas O'Malley's charismatic and confident persona. The clever use of his full name, "Abraham De Lacy Guiseppe Casey Thomas O'Malley," adds a humorous and exaggerated flair to his character, showcasing his flamboyant self-image. The interactions with Duchess and her kittens highlight his charm and his role as a guide into the adventurous world beyond their sheltered life.

Cultural Significance.
"Thomas O'Malley Cat" remains a memorable and beloved song within Disney's vast musical catalog, capturing the adventurous spirit and the allure of the bohemian lifestyle. Thomas O'Malley's character, through this song, embodies the ideals of freedom and exploration, resonating with audiences who dream of a life filled with adventure and spontaneity. The song's enduring popularity showcases its ability to inspire and entertain, making it a cherished part of "The Aristocats" legacy.

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