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The Mob Song

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The Mob Song Lyrics

The Mob Song Song Lyrics

Show me the Beast!
That's him! That's him!
Is it dangerous?
Oh, no. No, he'd never hurt anyone.
I know he looks frightful, but he's really very gentle and kind.
He's myfriend.
If I didn't know better, I'd think you had feelings for this monster.
He's no monster, Gaston. You are!
She's as crazy as the old man.
She says this creature is her friend.
Well, I've hunted wild beasts and I've seen what they can do.
The Beast will make off with your children.
He'll come after them in the night.
He will never!
Forget the old man, I say we kill the Beast!
Kill him!
Man 1:
We're not safe until he's dead
Man 2:
He'll come stalking us at night
Set to sacrifice our children to his monstrous appetite
Man 3:
He'll wreak havoc on our village if we let him wander free
So it's time to take some action, boys
It's time to follow me
Through the mist, through the woods
Through the darkness and the shadows
It's a nightmare but it's one exciting ride
Say a prayer, then we're there
At the drawbridge of a castle
And there's something truly terrible inside
It's a beast! He's got fangs
Razor sharp ones!
Massive paws, killer claws for the feast
Hear him roar! See him foam!
But we're not coming home 'til he's dead--
Good and dead!
Kill the Beast!
I won't let you do this!
Try and stop us!
Papa, this is all my fault. I have to go back and warn him.
I'm coming with you
I lost you once, I won't lose you again!
Then we'd better hurry.
We'll rid the village of this Beast.
Who's with me?
I am! I am! I am!
Light your torch! Mount your horse!
Screw your courage to the sticking place!
We're counting on Gaston to lead the way!
Through a mist, through a wood
Where within a haunted castle
Something's lurking that you don't see ev'ry day!
It's a beast! One as tall as a mountain
We won't rest 'til he's good and deceased
Sally forth! Tally ho!
Grab your sword! Grab your bow!
Praise the Lord and here we go!
We don't like
What we don't understand
In fact it scares us
And this monster is mysterious at least
Bring your guns!
Bring your knives!
Save your children and your wives
We'll save our village and our lives
We'll kill the Beast!
Cut down a tree, and make it a big one!
Take whatever booty you can find.
But remember, the Beast is MINE!
Hearts ablaze
Banners high
We go marching into battle
Unafraid although the danger just increased
Raise the flag!
Sing the song!
Here we come, we're fifty strong
And fifty Frenchmen can't be wrong
Let's kill the Beast!
Kill the Beast!
Kill the Beast
Kill the Beast!

March, 12th 2024
Background and Context.
"The Mob Song" from Disney's "Beauty and the Beast" is a powerful and dark moment in the aninated classic. This song captures the climax of fear and prejudice as the villagers, led by Gaston, rally to kill the Beast. Released in 1991, "Beauty and the Beast" is a tale of love, understanding, and redemption, set against the backdrop of a small French village and a mysterious castle. The song serves as a turning point, showcasing the escalation of Gaston's villainy and the mob mentality that threatens the burgeoning love between Belle and the Beast.

Main Message and Theme.
This song embodies the themes of fear, ignorance, and the dangers of mob nentality. It contrasts sharply with the film's overarching messages of love, acceptance, and looking beyond appearances. The villagers' rallying cry to kill the Beast, spurred on by Gaston's manipulation and lies, highlights how fear and misunderstanding can lead to violence and hatred. The song is a commentary on the human tendency to fear what is not understood and the lengths people will go to protect their narrow view of normalcy.

Meaning and Summary.
"The Mob Song" lyrically and musically escalates the tension within the film, as Gaston incites the villagers to violence with claims of protecting their homes and families from the Beast. The song's lyrics paint the Beast as a monstrous entity, despite Belle's protests of his gentleness and kindness. This moment underscores the conflict between fear-driven hate and compassionate understanding, marking a critical juncture where Belle must act to save the Beast and confront the misguided fears of the villagers.

Musically, "The Mob Song" is intense and foreboding, mirroring the dark turn of the storyline. The song's composition uses a marching rhythm and minor key to evoke a sense of impending doom, reflecting the mob's determined march to the castle. Lyrically, it explores themes of fear, ignorance, and the consequences of unchecked anger, serving as a cautionary tale about the ease with which a leader can exploit these emotions for personal gain. The repetition of "Kill the Beast" reinforces the single-minded hatred that blinds the mob to reason and compassion.

Cultural Significance.
Within the "Classic Disney" soundtrack, "The Mob Song" stands out for its exploration of darker themes. It serves as a critical reflection on the nature of prejudice and the importance of resisting it. The song remains relevant as a reminder of the consequences of dehumanizing those who are different and the importance of standing up against baseless fear and hatred. Its place in Disney lore is secured not just by its compelling musicality but by its poignant message about the dangers of mob mentality and the power of understanding and love to overcome fear.

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