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Substitutiary Locomotion

Angela Lansbury Lyrics


Substitutiary Locomotion Lyrics

Substitutiary Locomotion Song Lyrics

Treguna Mekoides and Tracorum Satis Dee
Substitutiary locomotion
Mystic power that's far beyond the wildest notion
It's a weird so feared, yet wonderful to see
Substitutiary locomotion come to me

Treguna Mekoides and Tracorum Satis Dee
I don't want locomotiary substitution
Or remote intrasitory convolution
Only one precise solution is the key
Substitutiary locomotion it must be
Treguna Mekoides and Tracorum Satis Dee

Substitutiary locomotion
Lovely substitutiary locomotion
You may substututiary mystery
With Treguna Mekoides and a little help from me
With Treguna Mekoides and Tracorum Satis Dee

March, 12th 2024
Background and Context.
"Substitutiary Locomotion" is a whimsical song from the Disney film "Bedknobs and Broomsticks," a clascsic that blends live action with animation. The film, set during World War II, follows an apprentice witch and three children on a magical adventure. This song stands out for its enchanting melody and its role in the narrative, where magic animates inanimate objects to aid in the defense against invaders. Its memorable lyrics and the fantastical concept of bringing objects to life highlight Disney's creative storytelling.

Main Message and Theme.
The song celebrates the power of magic and imaagination, encapsulating the film's overarching theme of finding extraordinary solutions in dire circumstances. "Substitutiary Locomotion" serves as a metaphor for the potential within everyone to bring about change, regardless of the means. It emphasizes creativity, ingenuity, and the belief in the unseen, resonating with listeners as a call to embrace the magic in their lives.

Meaning and Summary.
"Substitutiary Locomotion" delves into the idea of using magical powers to animate objects, a concept both fascinating and filled with symbolic meaning. The incantations mentioned, "Treguna Mekoides and Tracorum Satis Dee," though nonsensical, add a layer of mystique and fun, evoking curiosity and the allure of ancient spells. This song's lyrical journey from desiring a unique form of motion to achieving it with a bit of mystical help underscores the theme of achieving the impossible through belief and perseverance.

The song's playful tone, coupled with its imaginative lyrics, reflects the film's ability to transport audiences to a world where magic is real and potent. It illustrates the power of words and intentions, suggesting that with the right "spells" or actions, one can animate their aspirations into reality. The repeated invocation of the incantations serves as a charming reminder of the potency of belief and the magic inherent in striving for one's goals with determination and a touch of creativity.

Cultural Significance.
Within the Disney canon, "Substitutiary Locomotion" is emblematic of the studio's knack for blending entertainment with messages of hope and empowerment. Its inclusion in the "Classic Disney" soundtrack signifies its lasting appeal and the timeless nature of its message. The song's ability to inspire wonder and belief in magic transcends generations, making it a beloved treasure in Disney's musical legacy, celebrated for encouraging viewers to see the magic in the world around them and the power within themselves to effect change.

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