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Pink Elephants On Parade lyrics by Dumbo


Pink Elephants On Parade Song Lyrics

Look out! Look out!
Pink elephants on parade
Here they come!
Hippety hoppety
They're here and there
Pink elephants ev'rywhere
Look out! Look out!
They're walking around the bed
On their head
Clippety cloppety
Arrayed in braid
Pink elephants on parade
What'll I do? What'll I do?
What an unusual view!
I could stand the sight of worms
And look at microscopic germs
But technicolor pachyderms
Is really to much for me
I am not the type to faint
When things are odd or things
are quaint
But seeing things you know that ain't
Can certainly give you an awful fright!
What a sight!
Chase 'em away!
Chase 'em away!
I'm afraid need your aid
Pink elephants on parade!
Pink elephants!
Pink elephants!

Song meaning

February, 24th 2024
Background and Context.
"Out There" is a deeply moving piece from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," a Disney asaptation of Victor Hugo's 19th-century novel. The song captures the longing of Quasimodo, the bell-ringer of Notre Dame, who is confined by his guardian, Frollo, due to his appearance. Frollo, depicting the world as cruel and wicked, insists that he is Quasimodo's sole protector against the harshness outside​​​​.

Main Message and Theme.
The song contrasts Frollo's grim view of the world with Quasimodo's ytearning for freedom and experience. It explores themes of isolation, the desire for acceptance, and the dichotomy between perceived safety and the risk of venturing into the unknown. Quasimodo's soliloquy reveals his deep-seated wish to be part of the bustling life beyond his tower, reflecting on the human need for connection and belonging​​​​.

Meaning and Summary.
"Out There" starts with Frollo's warning about the dangers Quasimodo would face if he leaves the sanctuary of Notre Dame. Despite acknowledging his physical deformity and ugliness, as imposed by Frollo's teachings, Quasimodo's spirit isn't crushed. His part of the song vividly imagines the simple joys of life among Paris's people, longing for just one day to live out there, to feel the sun, and to be among ordinary people, undeterred by his appearance​​​​.

Emotion and Mood.
The song is a powerful emotional journey, moving from Frollo's controlling and fear-inducing warnings to Quasimodo's hopeful and longing reflections. The transition from darkness to light, from fear to hope, is palpable, evoking a sense of empathy and rooting for Quasimodo's dream to venture out into the world, even if just for a day.

"Out There" serves as a pivotal moment for Quasimodo, marking his internal struggle against Frollo's manipulation and his own desires for autonomy and acceptance. The song's structure, alternating between Frollo's dark, cautionary verses and Quasimodo's hopeful, dream-filled choruses, mirrors the conflict between confinement and freedom, ugliness and beauty, despair and hope. This duality is at the heart of the song, illustrating the complexity of human emotions and the universal quest for acceptance and belonging​​​​.

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