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One Last Hope

Danny DeVito Lyrics


One Last Hope Lyrics

One Last Hope Song Lyrics

So, ya wanna be a hero, kid?
Well, whoop-de-do!
I have been around the block before
With blockheads just like you

Each and ev'ryone a disappointment
Pain for which there ain't no ointment
So much for excuses
Though a kid of Zeus is
Asking me to jump into the fray
My answer is two words -
You win
Oh gods
Oy vay!

I'd given up hope that someone would come along
A fellow who'd ring the bell for once
Not the gong
The kind who wins trophies
Won't settle for low fees
At least semi-pro fees
But no - I get the greenhorn

I've been out to pasture pal, my ambition gone
Content to spend lazy days and to graze my lawn
But you need an advisor
A satyr, but wiser
A good merchandiser
And oohh!
There goes my ulcer!

I'm down to one last hope
And I hope it's you
Though, kid, you're not exactly
A dream come true
I've trained enough turkeys
Who never came through
You're my one last hope
So you'll have to do

Demigods have faced the odds
And ended up a mockery
Don't believe the stories
That you read on all the crockery

To be a true hero, kid, is a dying art
Like painting a masterpiece, it's a work of heart
It takes more than sinew
Comes down to what's in you
You have to continue to grow
Now that's more like it!

I'm down to one last shot
And my last high note
Before that blasted Underworld
Gets my goat
My dreams are on you, kid
Go make 'em come true
Climb that uphil slope
Keep pushing that envelope
You're my one last hope
And, kid, it's up to you


March, 12th 2024
Background and Context
"One Last Hope" is a memorable song from the Disney animated film "Hercules," featuring thhe voice of Danny DeVito as Philoctetes, or Phil. This song illustrates Phil's reluctant decision to train Hercules, highlighting his skepticism and past disappointments but also his faint hope in Hercules' potential. The song, set within a montage, humorously and effectively conveys Phil's journey from a jaded trainer to a hopeful mentor, underlining the transformative power of trust and hope in potential heroes.

Main Message and Theme
The song's lyrics express a mixture of resignation and cautious optimism. Phil, havinng faced numerous failures with past protégés, sees Hercules as his "one last hope" despite not being entirely convinced of his potential. This encapsulates the theme of perseverance and faith in others' capabilities, even when past experiences might suggest otherwise. The song cleverly uses humor to explore these themes, making it a poignant yet entertaining piece that adds depth to the movie's narrative.

Phil's mentoring approach, emphasizing heart over physical strength, suggests that true heroism is a blend of character and dedication rather than mere physical prowess. This message resonates with the broader narrative of "Hercules," where the protagonist's journey is as much about internal growth as it is about external challenges. "One Last Hope" thus serves as a narrative pivot, marking the beginning of Hercules' transformation from a naive youth into a true hero, guided by Phil's wisdom and experience.

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