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Music Video

My Name Is James - Paul Terry

Soundtrack: Classic Disney

Song Lyrics

My Name Is James Song Lyrics

My name is James
thats what mother called me
my name is James
so its always been

sometimes I forget
when I'm lonely or afraid
and I'll go inside my head
and look for James

There's a city that I dreamed of
very far from here
very very far away from here
very far away

there are people in the city
and they come to me
but it's very very far away you know
very far away

They'll say James, James, James how are ya ?
Isn't it a lovely day
James, James, James
were so glad you came here where we are
from so very very very far

My name is James, James, James

March, 12th 2024
Background and Context.
"My Name Is James" is a poignant song from "James and the Giant Peach," an animmated film based on Roald Dahl's beloved novel. The story follows James, an orphan who embarks on a fantastical journey in a giant peach. This song captures a moment of introspection for James, revealing his feelings of loneliness and his yearning for a place where he belongs. The film, celebrated for its imaginative storytelling and unique characters, uses music to deepen the emotional impact of James's journey, making his hopes and dreams resonate with the audience.

Main Message and Theme.
The song serves as a window into James's soul, highlighting his isolatiion and his deep-seated desire for connection and belonging. Through its simple lyrics, "My Name Is James" underscores the importance of identity and the power of dreams as a source of comfort and motivation. James's repetition of his name serves as a reminder of his essence and aspirations, especially in moments of doubt or fear.

Analysis: The Quest for Identity.
James's affirmation of his name is both a declaration of his identity and a coping mechanism against his loneliness. The act of remembering his name, as given by his mother, anchors him to his past and his sense of self. This personal mantra helps James navigate through his fears and the uncertainties of his journey.

Analysis: The Power of Dreams.
The city James dreams of represents his ideal of belonging and acceptance. It's a place "very far from here," not just in distance but in the sense of James's current reality versus his hopes. The dream city, where people greet him warmly, symbolizes James's longing for a community where he is recognized and welcomed, contrasting sharply with his feelings of alienation.

Analysis: Overcoming Loneliness.
Through the lyrics, James conveys a universal struggle with loneliness and the search for companionship. His journey inside his head to "look for James" illustrates how introspection and imagination can be sources of strength and solace. This internal voyage allows James to reconnect with his core identity and fosters resilience in the face of adversity.

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