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Looking For Romance

Larry Morey Lyrics


Looking For Romance Lyrics

Looking For Romance Song Lyrics

I bring you a song
And I sing as I go
For I want you to know
That I'm looking for romance

I bring you song
In the hope that you'll see
When you're looking at me
That I'm looking for love

I'm seeking that glow
Only found when you're young and it's May Only found on that wonderful day When all longing is through

I'm seeking that glow
Only found when a thrill is complete
Only found when two hearts gently beat
To the strains of a waltz that's both tender and new

I bring you a song
For I'm seeking romance
You're by my side

There's a moon up above
It shines with a light that's so mellow and bright It's easy to see That tonight we shall fall in love

I bring you a song
For I'm seeking romance

March, 12th 2024
Background and Context.
"Looking For Romance (I Bring You a Song)" is a hearrtwarming piece from Disney's "Bambi," released in 1942. This song, set against the backdrop of Bambi's burgeoning love story, captures the essence of new love and the beauty of nature's role in it. It is a significant moment that highlights the emotional depth and storytelling prowess of Disney's early animations.

Main Message and Theme.
This song encapsulates the innocence and purity of first llove. Its lyrics express a longing for romance and the joy that comes with finding love in the beauty of nature. It underscores the theme of love as a natural, powerful force that connects all living beings.

Musical Genre and Style.
Belonging to the "Classic Disney" soundtrack genre, the song is characterized by its gentle, melodic style. It mirrors the simplicity and sincerity of the feelings being expressed, using music to enhance the storytelling and evoke a sense of wonder and anticipation.

Emotion and Atmosphere.
"Looking For Romance" is imbued with a sense of hope and enchantment. It conveys a mood of anticipation and the excitement of discovering love. The atmosphere is tender and dreamy, inviting listeners to share in the character's yearning for connection.

Interpretation and Analysis.
The song serves as a poetic ode to the search for love, highlighting the universal desire to connect with another soul. Its lyrics, "I'm seeking that glow / Only found when you're young and it's May," suggest that love is not just an emotion but a transformative experience that brings light and warmth to life.

The reference to nature — the moon's mellow and bright light — symbolizes the naturalness of love and its ability to illuminate the darkest of times. This alignment with nature's cycles reflects the idea that love is a fundamental, elemental force.

"Looking For Romance" also explores the theme of longing and the fulfillment that comes with finding love. The song's conclusion, where the anticipation of falling in love tonight is highlighted, suggests that love is both a journey and a destination, offering a sense of completion and contentment.

Through its lyrical simplicity and emotive melody, "Looking For Romance" captures the timeless allure of finding love. It reminds audiences of the joy, beauty, and naturalness of love, making it a cherished moment in Disney's rich musical history.

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