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Music Video

Jolly Holiday - Dick Van Dyke

Soundtrack: Classic Disney

Song Lyrics

Jolly Holiday Song Lyrics

Ain't it a glorious day?
Right as a mornin' in May
I feel like I could fly
'Ave you ever seen
The grass so green?
Or a bluer sky?
Oh, it's a jolly holiday
With Mary
Mary makes your 'eart so light
When the day is gray
And ordinary
Mary makes the sun shine bright!
Oh 'appiness is bloomin'
All around 'er
The daffoldils are smilin'
At the dove
When Mary 'olds your 'and
You feel so grand
Your 'eart starts beatin'
Like a big brass band
Oh, it's a jolly holiday with Mary
No wonder that it's Mary that we love!
Now then what'd be nice
We'll start with raspberry ice
And then some cakes and tea
Order what you will
There'll be no bill
It's complimentary
Oh, it's a jolly holiday
With you, Bert
Gentlemen like you are few
Though your just a diamond
In the rough, Bert
Underneath your blood is blue!
You'd never think of pressing
Your advantage
For bearance is the hallmark
Of your creed
A lady needn't fear
When you are near
Your sweet gentility is crystal clear!
Oh, it's a jolly holiday with you, Bert
A jolly, jolly holiday with you!

March, 12th 2024
Background and Context.
"Jolly Holiday" emerges as a buoyant track from the "Mary Poppins" soundtrack, showcased in the iconic 1964 Disney movie. Positioned against the backdrop of Edwardian London, both the film and its melodies, this track included, capture the enchanting and hopeful spirit of Mary Poppins, a fanciful governess who turns daily life into an extraordinary journey. Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke, portraying Mary Poppins and Bert respectively, perform this song, accentuating the enchanting adventures and the blissful ambiance Mary introduces to every scenario.

Main Message and Theme.
The track is a tribute to the delight and marvel of being in Mary Poppins' company, spotlighting joy, camaraderie, and the enchantment of everyday moments. With its vibrant lyrics, "Jolly Holiday" communicates that Mary Poppins renders everything more radiant and pleasurable, transforming an average day into a special celebration. It emphasizes the significance of a positive outlook and the effect of an individual's aura on the disposition and spirits of those surrounding them.

Meaning and Analysis.
Lyrically, "Jolly Holiday" depicts an image of a perfect day, characterized by ideal weather and the presence of Mary Poppins, whose simple presence makes "your 'eart so light." The song alternates between praising Mary's magical influence on her acquaintances and a playful dialogue between Mary and Bert, underlining the friendship and mutual respect between the characters. The words also subtly indicate the transformative influence Mary instills on the surroundings and individuals, suggesting her magic lies not only in the supernatural acts she performs but also in her knack for unveiling the best in all.

Emotion and Style.
Happiness dominates the emotion of the track, delivered through its lively tempo, major key, and animated lyrics. It aligns with the overall musical style of the "Mary Poppins" soundtrack, which merges musical theatre, traditional pop, and symphonic elements to forge an evergreen and magical auditory experience. "Jolly Holiday" is celebrated for its homage to life's simple joys and the bliss of fellowship, capturing the film's optimistic and uplifting mood.

"Jolly Holiday" not only grasps the essence of Mary Poppins as a character but also stands as a reminder of the virtue in viewing the world with awe and happiness. It speaks to the lasting charm of the Mary Poppins narrative and its proposition that with a touch of magic (and the right company), even the most mundane day can turn into something extraordinary.

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