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I'm Professor Ludwig Von Drake lyrics by The Wonderful World Of Color


I'm Professor Ludwig Von Drake Song Lyrics

Oum diggidy oumpapa
Oum diggidy oumpapa
Oum diggidy oumpapa
Oum diggidy dou
Hurray for professor Ludwig von drake,
Ludwig van drake, Ludwig von drake
He is a genious, make no mistake,
ludwig van drake that's me
Then people say Ludwing what makes you so smart
you know everything from science to art
I'm forced to admit after study I find it's just my superior mind
'Caus I'm professor Ludwig von drake Ludwig von drake Ludwig von drake
Oh I am a genious make no mistake
ludwig von drake that's me
I look in the mirror and what can I say
Von drake you're okay! hip hip hurray
You're modest and handsome and loveable too
Von drake you're too good to be true. you you
I'm a visit calculist, psychology,
plain geometry and anthropology
and the living and entomology
and at bridge I excel
I know all about atomic energy
hearts as both and cars and bio chemistry
but when it comes to brain surgery then I can only do swell
'caus I'm professor Ludwig Von Drake
when it comes to brains I take the cake
'Caus I'm a genious make no mistake
Ludwig von drake, that's me
thank you very much for being with me over here
oh isn't that wonderful and all of me are beginning to set up
what you even doing that for boys? Look!
Wait I thought they said Drake for presidents
Look at those beautiful canons they're pointing over at me
what do you mean pointing at me? what you're doing pointing at me ?
you're pointing the cannons at me! you're supposed to point the cannons up in the air!
shoot them in the air!
you don't point the cannons on me!
wait a second what are you doing by that
well that's me all over.

Song meaning

February, 23rd 2024
Background and Context.
"I'm Professor Ludwig Von Drake" is a song featured in the "Classic Disney" soundtrack, assiciated with the television series "The Wonderful World of Color." This series, known for introducing Disney characters in vibrant color, played a significant role in Disney's television history. Professor Ludwig Von Drake, introduced in 1961, is a Disney character known for his intelligence and vast knowledge in various subjects. The song humorously encapsulates his character through a lively and boastful anthem, celebrating his genius and diverse expertise.

Main Message and Theme.
The song portrays Professor Ludwig Von Drake as a quintessential geniis, humorously exaggerating his knowledge in everything from science to art. Its catchy and repetitive lyrics, coupled with a playful melody, underscore the character's self-assuredness and the comedic aspect of his intelligence. The central theme revolves around the celebration of intellect and knowledge, albeit in a light-hearted manner, reflecting Disney's knack for creating memorable and multi-dimensional characters.

Meaning and Analysis.
Through whimsical lyrics, "I'm Professor Ludwig Von Drake" provides a character study of the professor, emphasizing his self-proclaimed brilliance and wide-ranging expertise. The song humorously lists various disciplines—psychology, geometry, entomology, and even brain surgery—showcasing his eccentricity and the comedic exaggeration typical of Disney characters. This celebration of intelligence, albeit through a humorous lens, suggests a deeper appreciation for curiosity and learning, making the song not just entertaining but also subtly educational.

Emotion and Style.
The dominant emotion of the song is joy, mixed with a dose of self-satisfaction, as expressed through the upbeat and jaunty melody. The style, characteristic of the early Disney television era, combines humor with musicality, creating a catchy tune that is both amusing and memorable. The song's playful nature and the inclusion of various academic disciplines in the lyrics reflect the educational yet entertaining intent of Disney's programming during this period.

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