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Deborah Walley Lyrics


Femininity Lyrics

Femininity Song Lyrics

You must walk feminine
Talk feminine
Smile and beguile feminine
Utilize your femininity
That's what every girl should know, if she wants to catch a beau

Dance feminine
Glance feminine
Act shy and sigh feminine
Compliment his masculinity
That's what every girl should know, if she wants to catch a beau

Let him do the talking
Med adore good listeners
Laugh, but not too loudly (Haha)
If he should choose to tell a joke
Be radiant, but delicate
Memorize the rules of etiquette
Be demure, sweet and pure
Hide the real you

You must look feminine
Dress feminine
You're at your best feminine
Emphasize your femininity
That's what every girl should know
Femininity, femininity
That's the way to catch a beau


March, 12th 2024
Background and Context.
"Femininity" is a song from Disney's "Summer Magic," a musical film released in 1963. The film is a notalgic look back at the early 20th century, telling the story of a widow and her children who move to a small town in Maine to start anew. This song, like many others from the era, reflects the societal expectations placed on women and girls at the time, emphasizing traditional gender roles and behaviors. It's presented in a light-hearted and instructional manner, ostensibly teaching young girls how to attract a male suitor through exaggeratedly feminine behavior.

Main Message and Theme.
The song articulates the period's prevailing attitudes towards gender roles, suhhesting that women must adhere to a certain set of behaviors to be considered attractive and desirable. These behaviors include being demure, dressing in a traditionally feminine way, and playing a supportive role to men's lead. While the song is delivered in a cheery and whimsical tone, it underscores the restrictive norms that defined femininity and masculinity, highlighting the limited scope within which women were encouraged to express themselves.

Meaning and Summary.
"Femininity" serves as a snapshot of the social mores surrounding dating and courtship during the time in which the film is set. The lyrics suggest that a woman's value is closely tied to her ability to conform to a narrow definition of femininity, including physical appearance and demeanor. The song, through its advice on how to "catch a beau," reveals the pressure on women to prioritize attracting a husband over cultivating their own interests or identities. It reflects a period-specific perspective on gender roles that contemporary audiences might view critically, recognizing the evolution in societal attitudes towards gender equality and individuality.

Emotion and Mood.
The mood of "Femininity" is playful and instructional, with a melody and tempo that mirror the instructional tone of the lyrics. It's presented in a manner that's meant to be light and entertaining, yet the underlying message about conforming to traditional gender roles imparts a more serious reflection on the social expectations of women. The song encapsulates the film's nostalgic and idealized view of the past, while also inviting modern listeners to consider the changes in how gender and femininity are understood and expressed today.

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