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Say No Go Lyrics - De La Soul

Soundtrack: Civil War

Song Lyrics

Say No Go Song Lyrics

Now let's get right on down to the skit
A baby is brought into a world of pits
And if it could've talked that soon in the delivery room
It would've asked the nurse for a hit
The reason for this? The mother is a jerk
Excuse me, junkie which brought the work
Of the old into a new life, what a way
But this what a way has been a way of today
Anyway push couldn't shove me to understand a path to a basehead
Consumers should erased it in the first wave
'Cause second wave from believers and believers
Will walk to it then, even talk to it and say
(You got the body now you want my soul)
Nah, can't have none of that, tell 'em what to say Mase...

Say no go
Say no go
Say no go
Say no go
Say no go

Nah, no my brother, no my sister
Try to get hip to this
Word, word to the mother
I'll tell the truth so bear my witness
Fly like birds of a feather, drugs are like pleather
You don't wanna wear it
No need to ask that question, just don't mention
You know what the answer is

Now I never fancied Nancy but the statement she made
Held a plate of weight, I even stressed it to Wade
Did he take any heed? Nah, the boy was hooked
You could've phrased the word "Base" and the kid just shook
In his fashion class once an A now an F
The rock rules him now, the only designs left
Were once clothes made for Oshkosh
Has converted to nothing but stonewash

Now hopping in a barrel is a barrel of fun
But don't hop in if you want to be down, son
'Cause that could mean down and out as an action
What does it lead to? Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb
People say what have I done for all my years
My tears show my hard-earned work
I heard shoving is worse than pushing
But I'd rather know a shover than a pusher 'cause a pusher's a jerk

Say no go
Say no go
Say no go
Say no go
Say no go

Believe it or not the plot forms a fee more than charity
But the course doesn't coincide with the ride of insanity
Is it a chant that slant the soul to feel for it?
I know it's the border that flaunts the order to kill for it
Standing, scheming on a young one
Taking his time, eight-ball for a cool pool player
Racked it all, tried to break, miscued
Got beat by the boy in blue
Next day you're out by the spot once more
Looking hard for a crack in the hole
I ask what's the fix for the ill stuff, word to the Dero
The answer should have been no

Run me a score from the Funky Four Plus One More
(It's the joint!) Rewind that back
This is the age for a new stage of fiend
Watch how the zombies scream, "It's the crack!"
Plain is plain it should explain it from the start
Behind the ideals of cranking up the heart
Now the base claims shop over every park

Say no go
Say no go
Say no go
Say no go
Don't even think about it
Say no go
Say no go
Say no go
Say no go
Say no go
Say no go
Say no go

April, 26th 2024

Song Factoids:

  • Genre: Hip Hops

  • Featured Artist: De La Soul

  • Lyricist: De Le Soul members Posdnuous and Dove

  • Composer: De La Soul

  • Arranged By: De La Soul

  • This song Had Been got featured over the soundtrack albums in that movie "Civil War."

    Annotations and Meaning, kinda:

    Say No Go by the De La Soul folks has delivers a strong anti-drug message, but then there's all these vibrant and engaging hip-hop rhythm. So the open verse introduces like a stark scene, where, if you can imagine, a newborn, you know, metaphorically speaking, asking for drugs right off the birth because of the addiction of it’s mother. This powerful imagine setting the stages for a critique for drug culture which devastated impacts on communities and individuals, alright?
    The choral part, which goes, "Say no to go," it directly nod to them anti-drug campaign widgets in the 1980s, particularly harks to mind Nancy Reagan's "Just Say No" thingummy. De La Soul turns this slogan into a rhythmic refrain, yeah? that punctuating their narratives about danger on drug addiction!

    In kind of a specifics, Dove's verses is quite the focus on personable responsibility and social pressure which could lead on to drugs use; he’s comparing drugs to uh, pleather, like it's something nobody really wants and should dodge wearing, brilliantly loaded with meanings demonstrating the notion of shunning drugs as a piece of person’s identity!
    The narrative bits also dig into consequences of drugy addiction, painting this personal decline story about Wade guy. This dude starts top of his class but gets neck deep in addiction, moving his interests very far from fashion designing to just be all about "the rock."
    From the wider society angle, yeah, the song throw a commentary on the addictions cycles and how law enforce people—kind of themed as "the boy in blue" weave another layer to complicate the narratives, hinting at the societal systemic stuff challenges associated with drugs enforcements.

    Artist Information:

    Started out in the super vibrant scene of mid-1980s rapness, De La Soul right away stood out with their eclectic samplings, playful lyricism, and them innovative beats. Being true members of the Native Tongues Posse, them promoting positives Afrocentric lyrics and been pioneering the alternative hip-hop genres. Notable for their witty wordplay and complex lyrical themes, the music of De La Soul often touch on societal issues, personal relationships, and the pressures in music industry arenas. Their debut album set stages, influencing heaps of future hip-hop artists. The group gained consistent praise for their creations and willingness to pushes the edges of what rap musics could be.

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