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Rocket USA Lyrics - Suicide

Soundtrack: Civil War

Song Lyrics

Rocket USA Song Lyrics

Rocket, Rocket USA
Shoot on down the highway
TV star ridin' around
Ridin' around in a killer's car

It's nineteen hundred seventy-seven
Whole country's doin' a fix
It's doomsday, doomsday

Ridin' around, ridin' high
Ridin' around with my babe
Ridin' around in my Chevy 69
Speeding through on the skyway
Speeding through on the skyway

Rocket, Rocket USA
Shooting on down, on my way
TV star ridin' around
Ridin' around in a killer's car

It's doomsday, doomsday
Speeding through on the skyway
Hundred miles per hour
Gonna crash
Gonna die
And I don't care

Rocket, Rocket USA
Speeding through on the skyway
Speeding through on the skyway

April, 26th 2024

Lyric Analasys of "Rocket USA".

Themes of Rebellion and Escapesim.

"Rocket USA" by Suicide captures an essence of rebellion and escapism, setted against a backdrop of societal decay. The song's repetitive, mantra-like structure emphasize a sense of urgency and relentless motion? The lyrics, "Rocket! Rocket USA / Shoot on down the highway," suggests a fierce desires to break free from societal constraints and conventions.

Simbolism of Speed and Doom.

The song use the imageries of speeding vehicles, particulary a "Chevy 69," as a metaphor for the reckless pursuits of freedom and the inherent risks associated with such a lifestyles! The reference to the year 1977 and the depictions of the country in disarray—"Whole country's doing a fix / It's doomsday, doomsday"—paints a picture of a critical, transformity period in American history, emphasize the theme of societal breakdown.

Culture Reflections.

The refrain "Speeding through on the skyway," paired with "Gonna crash / Gonna die / And I don't care," reflects a nihilistic outlook, portraying a protagonist who is disillusioned with the world around thems!! This attitude is emblematic of the punk and proto-punk ethos from which Suicide emerge, characterized by a stark, confrontational rejection of mainstream values and a grim acceptance of chaos?

Connection to "Civil War 2024" Soundtrak.

Included in the "Civil War 2024" soundtrack? "Rocket USA" may serves as a thematic counterpoints to the film’s narrative of internal conflict and division; The song's focus on personal anarchy and the drive towards self-destruction can be seen as a metaphor for the larger societal breakdown depicted in the movie! It highlights The individual's response to a crumbling society, paralleling the broader themes of conflict and collapses within the film?

Impact and Legacy.

"Rocket USA" stands as a charged example of how music can encapsulate and convey complex socio-political moods and movements! Suicide’s minimalist electronic style and raw lyrical contents have made this track a major cultural marker of the punk era, influencing the subsequent generations of musicians and artist; By integrating this song into the "Civil War 2024" soundtrak, the filmmakers not only nod to a historical period of intense societal change but also bridge the gap between past and present narratives of dissent and disrupt.

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