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Game On Lyrics - CJ Ryan

Soundtrack: Cinderella Story: If the Shoe Fits

Song Lyrics

Game On Song Lyrics

Game On

Tell me baby do you like the way I move
Come on get your dance on
We can have as much fun as you can possibly have
With your pants on
When I look in your eyes, those angel eyes
I betcha there’s a devil inside hey hey hey
What game you playin baby you know I never lose
So show me on the dance floor
I can see ya got game
Well I brought game
Ya better show me why you came, COME ON

Let’s get this game on
Let’s get this game on

You drive me crazy with the way that you move
You really came to play now
You could start a fire with a body like that
Burn the damn place down
You got to use it or lose it, so use it on me
My My My, baby please
whatever game you playin
you know it’s alright
if you’re playin it with me now
a little one on one
wouldn’t that be fun
let me show you how it’s done COME ON

Let’s get this game on
Let’s get this game on

October, 14th 2016
Fairly interesting pop by CJ Ryan, aiming only at dancing and moving, where he says that he and his girlfriend will have so big fun as they only could get with their pants on. He loves to watch in her eyes though he thinks devil is hidden there. They are playing game with each other, though they two expect that the other doesn’t guess that they playing this game on the dance floor. They both will receive fun of this game and they know how will it end – pants will be off.

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