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Explusion lyrics - Children Of Eden Cast

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Explusion Song Lyrics

Oh my children that I love so well
What wrong you do to me
Why could you not resist the spell
Of one seductive tree?
When all around you, I gave you fields to roam
Sapphire skies and chromium waterfalls
All that I had to give, I gave to you
Ungrateful children!
Live in the wilderness!
Why did you put questions in me?
Why did you disobey me?
That's not an answer!
Bear your own children
Answer for yourselves
We will!
Sweat to make your daily bread
Sweat while thorns and thistles mock your harvest
Sweat 'til the day you return to the clay for which it seems you yearn
Dust you were
Dust you are
To dust you will return!
And at this place
I set my sword
Now and forever will it burn!
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