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Uncle ACE Lyrics - Blood Orange

Soundtrack: Challengers

Song Lyrics

Uncle ACE Song Lyrics

I've got a great idea
Losing my sense of where
Trading the silent ones
I'm sure you know it's wrong
Take it and keep it shut
Unholy triptych of
My sweet un-careful friends
Waiting for April's men

Not like the other girls
Go home and wait for me
I'll be there after five
The others got that V
I'm everything you need
Put all you need in me
I don't need anything
I don't need anything
I don't need anything

Does this feel easy 'cause it's all you get from me
Do you have reason to think I'm just what you need
I won't complain if you don't tell me what you see
Does this feel easy 'cause it's all you get from me

May, 04th 2024

Song Facts:

    - Genre: Alternative R&B
    - Lyricist: Dev
    - Composers: Dev
  • Soundtrack: Featured in the soundtrack of the film "Challengers"

Artist Info:

Blood Orange is a stage name for Devonte Hynes, an English singer-songwriter and record producer who presents R&B, funk, and electronic music styles in a hybrid of them. Hynes first came to fame as part of the dance-punk band Test Icicles before embarking on a solo career as Lightspeed Champion and then rebranding as Blood Orange. His music often transcends from themes of identity, personal history, to social commentary, and all of this is emotionally displayed. Blood Orange is known for a collaborative attitude. The style is more defined by its lyrics, which often hit introspective themes, while the sound moves between spaces of hip-hop, trap.


The lyrics of the song "Uncle ACE" by Blood Orange are best described as a short story of alienation and introspective tale in some form of loneliness within an urban set-up. The mention of "Uncle ACE" is actually an allusion to the ACE train service in New York. This would be figurative of the fleeting and sometimes impersonal life therein the urban centers. Lines such as "I've got a great idea / Losing my sense of where" definitely have the feeling that one is losing, even getting disoriented, in both a physical and emotional sense.
Here, the song describes a "I need"/"I don't need" kind of dialogue, where the character indicates his relation to dependence in quite a complex way. The repeating "I need nothing" really does point to a claim of independence, possibly in defense against being vulnerable. Besides, the line, "Not like the other girls / Go home and wait for me," might demonstrate some identity problems, especially in the use of the word "like" to connote either a difference or the feeling of non-conformity.
With the line "unholy triptych of / my sweet un-careful friends," the poet seems to paint the kind of image where themes of betrayal, disillusionment, etc., might be upstage against a ridicule held by the protagonist's social coterie. Even the use of "April's men" further could suggest a cyclical nature, even seasonality, to the whole business of relationships, affirming all.

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