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Pecado Lyrics - Caetano Veloso

Soundtrack: Challengers

Song Lyrics

Pecado Song Lyrics

Yo no sé si es prohibido
Si no tiene perdón
Si me lleva al abismo
Sólo sé que es amor

Yo no sé si este amor es pecado que tiene castigo
Si es faltar a las leyes honradas
Del hombre y de Dios
Sólo sé que me aturde la vida
Como un torbellino
Que me arrastra, y me arrastra
A tus brazos en ciega pasión

Es más fuerte que yo
Que mi vida, mi credo y mi sino
Es más fuerte que todo el respeto
Y el temor de Dios

Aunque sea pecado
Te quiero, te quiero lo mismo
Y aunque todo me niegue el derecho
Me aferro a este amor

May, 04th 2024

Song Facts:

  • Genre: MPB (Música Popular Brasileira)

  • Lyricist: Caetano Veloso

  • Composers: Caetano Veloso

  • Soundtrack: Featured in the soundtrack for the movie "Challengers"

Artist Info:

Caetano Veloso is among the true seminal figures in Brazilian musical tradition, highlighted by his role in the Tropicália movement that mixed native Brazilian traditions with foreign pop influences. Veloso's music is innovative and eclectically styled, incorporating elements from various musical genres, often rich in sound and embedded within a political and social context. His lyrics are poetically crafted, touching on complex issues such as the search for identity, cultural heritage, and love. Veloso has become one of the leading voices in Brazil, reflecting on contemporary issues far beyond the reach of his art.

Annotations and Meaning:

"Pecado," which translates to "Sin" in English, immerses the listener in the turmoil and moral conflict of forbidden love. The opening lines, "Yo no sé si es prohibido, Si no tiene perdón, Si me lleva al abismo, Sólo sé que es amor," express uncertainty about the moral implications of the singer's feelings, yet affirm the undeniable truth that it is love.
The song's lyrics grapple with the idea that this love might be sinful or punishable, at odds with "las leyes honradas Del hombre y de Dios" (the honorable laws of man and God). This suggests a deep internal conflict between societal and divine laws versus personal emotions and desires. The lyric "Sólo sé que me aturde la vida, Como un torbellino" portrays love as a staggering and overwhelming force, almost like a whirlwind that constantly pulls the subject into a spin.
Furthermore, Veloso asserts that the intensity of such love overpowers everything else, including personal creed, destiny, and even the fear of divine judgment: "Es más fuerte que todo el respeto, Y el temor de Dios". The bold defiance encapsulated in "Aunque sea pecado, Te quiero, te quiero lo mismo", indicates a willingness to hold onto this love regardless of any consequences.

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