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Reference: 'Catch Me If You Can' at the Internet Broadway Database

The Pinstripes Are All That They See lyrics - Catch Me If You Can Cast

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The Pinstripes Are All That They See Song Lyrics

Frank Sr.:
When your mother walked into
That dancehall in Mantrichard
What did she see?
Through the haze of champagne
Did she notice my brain
Or my college degree?
Kid, what she saw was the uniform!
Through the dirt and debris.
Yes, thoses ladies gave thanks
To us visiting Yanks
'Cause the pinstripes are all they see.
When a pilot walks onto the plane
All the passengers smile and relax.
(Smile and relax)
Do they know he's still tight
From that party last night
Or the back to back jacks?
(Stewed to the max)
No! What they see is the uniform.
How it fits, it fits to a T.
Like the visiting team
That the Yankees will cream,
Pinstripes are all that they see.
If you wanna be a someone
You can't look like a bum.
A book's judged by its cover
That's the first rule of thumb.
I wanna see ya take off
Straight to the top floor.
Start dressin' to impress 'em
And son, you'll stroll in the front door.
A kid in a man's candy store.
Every lawyer's bespoke to the nines
To a jury he's smart and refined.
(Smart and refined)
And they see with one look
The defendant's a crook
Or that justice is blind?
(Watch the wheels grind)
What they see is the uniform
As he bargains a plea.
They all cease and desist.
He's so hard to resist
'Cause the pinstripes are all that they see.
Frank Sr. & Frank Jr.:
Yes, we're gonna hit the high life
We've only just begun.
We're gunna be together
Frank Sr. and son.
Dine at the Latin quarter,
A night cap at Toots Shor.
Yeah, we're gonna be at ringside
And life will be better than before
For two kids in a man's candy store.