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Nadine lyrics - Mos Def

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Nadine Song Lyrics

I got
On a city bus
And found
A vacant seat
I thought
I saw
My future bride
Walking up
The street
I shouted
To the driver
Hey conductor
You must slow down
I think I see her
Please let me off
This bus
Is that you?
Oh, Nadine
Is that you?
Like every time
I see you
You got
Something else
To do
Like every time
I catch you
You're up
To something new
I saw her
From the corner
When she turned
And doubled back
And started walkin'
Toward a coffee
Colored Cadillac
I was pushin'
Through the crowd
To get
To where she's at
And I was campaign
Shouting like
A southern diplomat
Searching for her
Looking all around
Saw her getting
In a yellow cab
Heading up town
I caught
A loaded taxi
Paid up
Everybody's tab
A twenty dollar bill
Told him 'catch
That yellow cab'
She move around
Like a wave
Of summer breeze
Go, driver, go, go
Catch her
Balmy breeze
Thru the traffic
A mounted cavalier
Leaning out
The taxi window
To make her hear