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I'll Make It Easy Lyrics - The Incredibles

Soundtrack: Bruiser

Song Lyrics

I'll Make It Easy Song Lyrics

It was easy for me
To runaround 'cause I thought you'd never put me down
It was easy for me
To cheat and lie 'cause I thought you'd never say goodbye
Girl but now that you're gone
And I'm all alone
My nights are longer, and longer, and longer, and longer
I feel so sad
'Cause I treated you so doggone bad
And you were the best girl I've ever had
You know it's hard, hard, hard living without you
My days are dark as night
It's hard, hard, hard doing without you
Come home and I swear I'll make things right
I'll make it easy
If you try me one more time
Girl I'll make it easy
Come on home and say you'll be mine
And I'll make your life easy
Bring your fine self on home
Oh I'll make it easy