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November, 01st 2016
Bing Crosby performed this tune in 1952. For some reason, nowadays has become very popular to use old tunes from the 50s as soundtracks for films. Yes, of course, they sound pathetic and half of both Americas rose on them. Our grandparents remember such blues + jazz tunes that are good for dancing in the summer’s evenings. Old Bing was a pretty big favorite of the public thanks to his velvety voice and he still sounds more profitable than most of today’s singers. Reference: Zing a Little Zong - Wikipedia

Zing A Little Zong lyrics - Bing Crosby And Rosemary Clooney

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Zing A Little Zong Song Lyrics

Zing, Zing, Zing a little Zong with me
I know we're not beside the Zuider Zee
But when you're zittin' by the zide of me,
I want to zing a little zong.
Zing zome zentimental melody
About a chapel or an apple tree
About a couple living happily
And I'll be glad to zing along
This ain't the zeason for getting' kinda zilly
You really are a dolly, a dolly and a dilly
You got a reason to cuddle kinda close to me
And we can do a very clever piece of close harmony
Oh! Zing, zing, zing it's getting late my pet
We've got a most important date to zet
I'm sure that we will make a great duet
And we can zing a little love zong all night long.