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Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2015

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Brooklyn album description:

This film is filled with very different music, starting from jazz (Be Cool Aka Keep Cool) and blues (A Garden In The Rain) ending with Irish folk (Macushla). The latter is, by the way, takes the biggest part. Firstly, because this film is about an Irish girl who arrives in Brooklyn, where she meets a charming Italian, very suitable for her. She becomes in love with him. After a while, she has to leave back home for some time for the funeral of her mother, and there she gets acquainted with one very nice young man, with whom she is also in love. They are equivalent for her and the rest of the movie takes mental anguish of a girl who must choose either one or the other.
Bing Crosby sings with his velvety voice that will appeal to all lovers of vintage sound. But most of all we liked the singer Iarla Ó Lionáird in the collection – it is not just the voice and notes in this music. It is the spirit and the strength of the whole nation, which was tempered through the centuries and millennia, in it. Of people who live on fantastically beautiful land. Legendary, full of epics, sagas and tales. Where leprechauns argue with the dwarves, fairies make wayward travelers drunk, Tristan and Isolde represent very strong love, zombie piper at night takes all brides and children of the city to the cemetery, kings and innkeepers argue with the usual, but wise geese grazer, where giants are of three human heights and where many other tales are too. Maybe it is not blowing with magic from the content of the film as well as from all these folk tales, which have been since ancient times walking this land, lulled by the stars, under the quiet noise of heather, of which Ireland is rich. But the film is about growing up, about the irrevocable choices, about road turns, when you have to choose the right or left, without return.

November, 01st 2016


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