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Happy Birthday Darling lyrics

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Happy Birthday Darling Song Lyrics

You were such a funny boy
An awful baby, Jamie
A terrible screamer, a beautiful dreamer
A looker out of windows
But whenever you would put your darling little hand in mine
There wouldn’t be another proud as me
To be your mother
It just felt right
Hold my hand; are you still holding my hand?
Happy birthday darling, nine!
I can’t believe it seem like only yesterday since you came by
To say your first hello
Hey, how about a little rock and roll?
Let’s put some Beatles on the stereo
Have a Coca Cola, buddy
Honey, all I know is you’ve got it right from the start
Happy birthday darling, fifteen!
Can’t believe it, here’s your present
Yeah, my old typewriter
The one that you’ve been pining for
I read the book you lent me, it’s so powerful
James Joyce—now there’s a voice
No when you write my son, make the choice,
Find your voice; look down deep in your heart
Happy birthday darling, happy birthday darling
And I’m worried about Michael
And the things he doesn’t say
What with Daddy being away so much these days
Reach out to him Jamie, cause he thinks
That I don’t love him like I love you
Happy birthday darling, twenty-one!
I can’t believe it, graduation
English major, ivy leaguer’s what you are
A new job at the Kansas Star
Paint word pictures if you can
Paint the portrait of the artist as a young man
Deep breath and follow your heart
Happy birthday darling
Happy birthday darling, hold my hand
Happy birthday darling
Happy birthday darling
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