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Crisis Averted lyrics - Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson Cast

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Crisis Averted Song Lyrics

Crisis averted
He's taking a stand (yea taking a stand)
And the best part is
Everything he says is right
Citizen 1:
My name is Andrew Jackson, And
I'm here to speak with you about
the future of this incredible country.
These are complicated times.
Citizen 2:
And today we're going to need to
make some complicated decisions.
Citizen 3:
But we're going to make those
decisions together. I'm promising
you transparency, accountability,
and open collaboration between
you and me.
Citizen 4:
'Cause I'm the people's president
and i'm here to be your friend, to be
your advocate, to be your voice.
Citizen 1:
It's morning again in America-
Citizen 2:
And i'm your president.
Citizen 3:
I'm your president.
Citizen 4:
I'm your president.
All citizens:
Andrew Jackson!
I really think
That this will work
We're young
We'll live forever
At least for one more night
My luck will hold this time
It always has before
So I think
I think that this might work
Crisis averted
I'm going alone
(yea going alone)
And the best part is
Everything I say is right
Florida Woman:
I mean, I think it's a real tragedy
That Jackson moved all the Indians
from here in Florida.
Florida Man:
Me too. A real tragedy.
Florida Woman:
And that's why we hesitated to
Move here. Absolutely. I mean, we
Didn't want it to seem like we were
Endorsing that kind of behavior.
Florida Man:
No. Of course not. But, then
We were is nice it
doesn't snow.
Florida Woman:
Um, (nods her head solemnly)
Yea, It is. (She looks at him,
Slightly miffed, then black out) so,
It's like, it's great that he did that.
But we definitely condone it.
Did you really think
That this would work?
You're f**ked
You won't live forever
You're luck won't hold this time
It won't be like before
It's never
It's never
Gonna work.
[Thanks to Alexander Guerra for lyrics]