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Too Dry to Cry

Willis Earl Beal Lyrics


Too Dry to Cry Lyrics

Too Dry to Cry Song Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Tweed jacket, trucker hat, cup of tea
I'm just sitting at the table thinking about me
With my moccasins on and waiting by my phone
With my half-masked eyes like a tear-less drone
I am the deep down clown, you better throw me a bone
Cause I'll be making that sound, when they leave me alone
With the pots and pans, my voice and my hands
And my spoon drumstick, with this innocuous trance
You got to give me a chance to advance this romance
So when I pick out my 'fro I have a place I can go

No no, don't leave me hanging like a spider with no fly
Cause I've been banging on the walls cause I'm too dry to cry
[Verse 2]
Photocopied Xerox pictures of dames
With two dimensional faces make me feel ashamed
So I keep 'em tucked away in a folder that's red
But I don't need to look at them, cause they're stuck in my head
They're what I sniff when I tell you to come right along
In my one-room shack, you know we can't go wrong
I got nine hard inches like a pitchfork prong
So honey lift up your dress and help me sing this song

[Hook x2]

No no
Ow no
Don't leave me hanging (repeat, fade out)

October, 21st 2016
Willis Earl Beal, the performer, and the author, starting this 4:35 song with domra, is already present in a soundtrack you listen. The gloomy similarity to R&B, blues, and Western states gospel – the fusion, which is inherent to this performer. We are sure that it isn’t politically correct, but this is a music site, after all, and the politics shouldn’t interfere with the free will of mind, that is why we say it is extremely similar to gospel-like songs of the slaves and Mr. Beal is imitating them in this piece. But if you actually listen to what he says, leaving all the prejudice aside, you will hear that he indeed follows the ideas in the lines – his eyes are down, his pose is as if under pressure, he agrees on the bone from anyone and will catch it like the dog. He plays for the people going by, at the pots and pans with the mastered from whatever sticks, hoping for someone’s money, not gazing at anyone particularly, feeling downed. In the refrain, he sings he doesn’t want to be left aside with no money, like the spider without the fly, hanging down on its own web.
He feels like a pitchfork prong – as the hard furculum, required to resist the disadvantageous environment to survive. He managed to make oneself tearless after withstanding the difficulties of the hard living for so long. And this particular song is about a very exact moment of his life, which gave birth to present lyrics – it is about a moment he was a homeless person, trying himself on any job just not to starve.


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