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Rock Steady

Bad Company Lyrics


Rock Steady Lyrics

Rock Steady Song Lyrics

Well, when I want to rock steady,
I know, I got to get ready
Close my eyes and I let myself go.
Listen to, oh, baby, let the music flow,
Turn on your light and stay with me a while
And ease your worried mind,
Turn on your light, now babe

And stay with me a while and rock steady.
Yeah, oh, now rock steady,
Yeah, rock, rock steady.
When my love gets a little bit too heavy,
She's mine an' I got to get ready.
Close my eyes and let myself go,
I listen too, yeah, and I let the
music flow.
Yeah, it's flowing now.

Turn on your light and stay with me a while
And ease your worried mind,
Turn on your light
And stay with me a while and rock steady.
Oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah, yeah.

Turn on your light and stay with me a while,
And ease your worried mind; turn on your light,
Stay with me a while
And rock, rock, rock, rock, rock, rock,
Babe, turn on your light
And ease your worried mind,
Yeah, turn on your little light,
Oh, and rock steady.

October, 21st 2016
This rock song is the headliner of the Bad Company (album) by Bad Company hard rock supergroup (a band, members of which have successful solo careers), released in 1973. The album reached the top of Billboard chart and became several times platinum. The heritage of this album was 50 years ago pretty big and it was, along with this song, included in several ‘must hear’ collections, but certainly, today it is just one of many rock albums. The song was written by Paul Rodgers – one of the participants of the band, who left it after 9 years of cooperation and rejoined the band for 4 another years before the next tour.
Despite being one of headlining songs of the album, it has not particularly earned the big recognition of the public, as other songs entered top dozens of various hit parades, whilst this piece had not. The album though did not cover the great amount of countries – only 5, where the US gave this song the best position ever – #1, and the worst it had in New Zealand, 27th place.
4 main and 9 additional personnel worked on the creation of a song, and it turned out as a classic piece, not more, not less. It does not drive you as Jon Bon Jovi with his It’s My Life does, or Highway to Hell by you know who, but still, it is not below the required level, set years ago to all the rock songs as ‘must be’.
Maybe too little contribution of the charts’ positions of this song made its essence, which is boiled down to capability of steady rocking with someone else? The singer says he is ready to rock steady and he just lets the music inside of himself if he feels troubles. The trouble may come when his love gets too hard for him. Then he simply closes his eyes in that moment and lets the music flow inside. He thus erases the worries of his mind, empty it, makes all the problems go aside and immerses oneself in the rock. Nice position of a rock lover, but not more. Thus, we can call its lyrics neither deep nor sophisticated, but this isn’t indeed required from the rock singers, don’t you think?


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