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Emotions in Motion

Billy Squier Lyrics


Emotions in Motion Lyrics

Emotions in Motion Song Lyrics

Bend your back by the light o' the sun
You come to the business
You're the number one
When twilight comes you're a runner in the night

It turns you on like a hot tail-light
Get down, you really get down, you never let down
Come down, you never come down, you never come down
Emotions in motion

Back street boy gonna sell you some sin
He'll wind you up, he gonna suck you in
The blood say yes, the mind say no
The voice in your ear say you go, go, go

Run down, you really run down, you really run down
Cool down, you never cool down, you better cool down
Emotions in motion
Give yourself to a life of extremes

You're into the action, it's a part of your dream
Now there're some things you never can tell
But when the door lies open throw your coins in the well
Get down, you really get down, you really get down

Right now, you want it right now, hold tight now
Emotions in motion

October, 21st 2016
This rock song by Billy Squier was released in 1982 and was included in the album of the same name, containing only 10 songs – this is pretty small, below the average amount of songs as of today, almost 35 years later after the release. ‘Emotions In Motion’ is the second in the track list and lasts around 5 minutes (it depends whether you listen to it on the YouTube (5:04) or as the original audio (4:58)).
The lyrics of it say the following: as for us, we think it is about drugs – consider only this line in it – ‘Back street boy gonna sell you some sin’, followed by ‘The blood say yes, the mind say no.’ What is it about unless if not about drug addiction and a drug dealership? Furthermore, he says a person must run to cool down but he will not cool down if he’s running, isn’t it? After, he says to a man to give up fully to the extremes of life – obviously, after using the just bought drug. Then a person is engaged with unexpected action and is ascended on the heavenly waves of the bliss of his dreams – that’s definitely what drugs do to the body. Besides that, another incontrovertible proof is his proximity to peculiar things that are going to happen around after the dose soaks the brain of an addict. But everything ends sooner or later and when the wave of false enjoyment leaves a person, about whom it is sung in the song, he will be left ‘really get down.’ It all ends with words of the name of the song, which should be a reflection of the state of any person, man or woman, who is using the prohibited substances to fill the emptiness in their lives or to increase the degree of excitement in some current day. This is extremely wrong, you should know. Drugs aren’t your friends and never will be, whatever you feel about it.
This song is peculiar about the involvement of Freddie Mercury in the creation (although he gave an emotional assistance only, along with Roger Taylor to the entire album, in this song it is distinctively heard the style of ‘good old Freddie’, who is really tangible). The other crew working on this album was consisting of three guitarists, main vocalist, 2 back vocalists, who combined the back singing with playing at keyboards, drums, saxophones, and synthesizers.
The most popular song in this multi-platinum collection was ‘Everybody Wants You’, which allowed it to have the own Wiki page, unlike the other bunch of items in the album lasting 41 minutes.
What is also exceptional about this song – it is quite popular name – at least 25 other songs (that only Wikipedia knows) exist in the world, 5 films and 9 albums. Indeed, this allegory is extremely successful to land your feelings on the paper and notes. It is many times about ending your past life and may it even be a cliff-hanger after the sacred burning of the bridges, but you’ll figure out in time, what bothers you and what direction do you wanna go.


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