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Disintegrating - Willis Earl Beal

Soundtrack: Bleed for This

Song Lyrics

Disintegrating Song Lyrics

Sitting high on your tower of sorts
I am the reasoning, yeah, I'll hold you on
I'm gonna hold tight
You can carry the time
You are alive, alive, the greatest treasure on fire
You're in your summer dress, you are oh so pristine
I am the mayor of the shadows, the one you never go see

Disintegrating over you
But this wall I'm behind
You know I'm breaking through
I'll break through
I'm breaking through
I'm breaking through

I'll go past it, I can see your panties white
I'm a desperate man

Don't you wanna feel so right
I'm gonna demonstrate
How I feel so much pain
I'm gonna penetrate, baby
And make you feel the same
Build a fence up
Yeah, in line I see
I want a taste of you
Something sweet and so green

Disintegrating over you
But this wall I'm behind
I'm breaking through

October, 21st 2016
Gloomy and blue as all the songs by this young performer, who is 29 y.o. in 2016, Willis Earl Beal. What do we know about this experimental soul song for sure? It is of 4 and half minutes, and though it is dark in the music and slow in the feed – it reflects materially-minded thing – a desire of copulation with a girl, living nearby. A singer tells he literally sees her white underwear under the skirt of her summer dress. She, as for us, is endangered, as there is a homeless guy under her fence and window with filthy thoughts and she isn’t protected by the thin walls, as he is already coming thru.
It was one of many songs that were born inside his head while he was riding on the bicycle to one of the bad jobs he had being a bum. This fate he started in 23, after being discharged from the army. As the singer says himself on the back story of the most part of songs in this album Nobody Knows, which contains this song Disintegrating – it is what he feels about his life in general – as his parents became broke when he was young, then he enlisted himself in the army, but was court-martialed, called ‘disgrace’ to his native country, and eventually was fired without salary paid out. He feels this all was a huge pile of own fear towards other people and, blasting the entire experience in the big pile of hatred, self-regurgitation, and loneliness, he exerted to give birth to this song here. Along with other songs, this one was as if the spit in the face of society, which never embraced him in. But instead of drunk vengeance, he chose another way – writing. Thus, through time and so numerous attempts that they’ve become countless, Willis Earl Beal is now a rising star in the big machine of show business.
People say Willis Earl Beal created himself by denying one self, but may it be a huge nicely backgrounded story about a poor guy just to make sells of his songs sky high? In the world of today, nothing is undeniable, but his story seems truer that you might think. The guy with the appearance of Wesley Snipes – the rowdy fellow, who was jailed eventually for his bad behavior, – definitely would hurt a summer-dressed girl, who doesn’t even know about the presence of such a brutal guy behind the walls of her dwelling – as he sings it in this song.
One of the biggest inspirers to Mr. Beal was, along with Bob Dylan, Cat Power, which work has deliberately shaped the curvy sounds of many of his creations, including this song, and others like Coming Through and Wavering Lines. This is noticed by many observers who have already managed to take interviews from this fellow to realize the deepness of his internal lamentations. This understanding leads us to a better perception of the sound work in front of us, as any other songs from the both albums this singer currently has.

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