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You'll Never be Better Than Me (I'm That Shit)

Queen Pen f/ Joe Hooker Lyrics


You'll Never be Better Than Me (I'm That Shit) Lyrics

You'll Never be Better Than Me (I'm That Shit) Song Lyrics

You dogs wanna know the life I live
You dogs wanna see the things I did
So much in this world is this sh*t
It's just sh*t, just full of this

[Queen Pen]
Check it, on some down and dirty sh*t, Crown Height sh*t
Is you life thugged out Benji style sh*t
While you wanna front on your white style sh*t
Praisin all your dough on some real bullsh*t
I cops the high rent on land b**ch
Without being platinum that's that smart guy sh*t
You talk about keys but never flip wiz kid
The first to cop a pleed, that's that real hot sh*t
Can't pick or choose wit click you wanna run with
On the up and up that's that real crab sh*t
Poppin mad sh*t on that mix tape sh*t
But when it's time to face a heat, you on that other type sh*t
I know what I did, what I seen, where I been
While you capitalize of this life you done lived
If you ask me that's some real bullsh*t
Record called me suppin me up, fake artist sh*t

[Chorus: Joe Hooker]
You will never be better than me
See you much too smart to me
You will never be better than me
See you much too smart to me

[Queen Pen]
Talkin about a life that you know you never lived
You a studio gangsta phony artist sh*t
Poppin twenty bottles but never leave bid
That's that show off, big trick sh*t
Makin trips outta town, I gotta survive type sh*t
Cashin in my stamps to make the ends meet sh*t
How do my niggas dose on some real legal sh*t
On the low that's that real have your back type sh*t
Stickin around with your baby daddy down in the sh*t
That's the daily life we live straight strugglin type sh*t
Wanna be with your don, on some Mark Pitts sh*t
f**kin around wit my click, get that face lift sh*t
On your Ms. locked down, you outta bail type sh*t
You a snitchin ass punk on that deep cover sh*t
Never nigga


[Queen Pen]
We gets down for I's on some ghetto star sh*t
'87, '99, we was legendary chip chicks
On I-95, pushin big boy whips
Six bricks in the trunk, that's that Braveheart sh*t
We done done it, lived it, wit you still talkin sh*t
And see a life thru your click, that's the fraudulent sh*t
On some flippin now sh*t, gettin money typed sh*t
Smokin purple haze every day, every night sh*t
b**ches holdin grunges on that childish type sh*t
And when the dough get low tell me where your click is
We roll 50 deep on that war type sh*t
Hittas in the trunk that's that real life sh*t
First trip around on some lesson earth sh*t
But this trip around, strictly QB sh*t
Bystorm sh*t, some more real sh*t
Up in ya face, stronjay type sh*t, ha


[Hook 8X]
I'm that sh*t, you that sh*t
Everybody gonna wanna rock my sh*t