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It's Yours Lyrics - Twista feat. Tia London

Soundtrack: Beyond the Lights

Song Lyrics

It's Yours Song Lyrics

[Intro - Tia London:]
You know that it’s yours, that its yours,
that its yours, that its yours, that its yours, baby [x4]

[Verse 1 - Twista:]
Let me get straight to it
Her body like a Bugatti, ain’t nothing like a Buick
When we get passionate I’m in love with how you do it
No longer want to lease it, I want the title to it
I might have blew it but now I know I want to own it
And get rid of opponents but I know fame can be blind
Never knew nothing like it is so one of a kind
I know that it'll be stupid not to claim that it's mine
She fit me like a glove, hop up right on top of her man
And with no hands she give me a hug
Go ahead and reverse it baby you pop it like a drug
Asking me how I feel when I'm inside your love
Better than the mall
In other words whenever I'm up in your hall
I feel the ripples on the wall
A spectacular feeling when I get up in them draws
And with no hands she can even give an applause
Cause you got me gone, all I can say is “True that”
Whenever I put the soap hole inside you at
Snug, but you can see its something you ain’t new at
Ooh, I can feel it when you do that
I can feel it when you do that, she got a nigga stuck
Murder with the pussy now you just been cut
She got the kush in her bush and I’mma take a puff
Telling me that it’s yours and i can’t get enough
And she talkin’ like

[Hook - Tia London:]
Tell me that it’s the one
Tell me baby it’s the one you been waiting for
Tell me so I can make sure
Tell me baby ‘cause you know that its yours
You know that it’s yours, that its yours, that its yours, that its yours, that its yours, baby (x3)

[Verse 2 - Twista:]
She got a body like a Maserati
And she got the owochi cochi like a ‘Rochi
Ass f**k her in the back of the Kawasaki
But the flow is a classic so it’s probably a Harley
Hotty be better than any thot around here
I see you [?] that I can be your manager
My place so let me show you I can handle ya
Scott face, I f**k you right over the banister
And it’s the way that you be telling me that its yours baby
How I’m a breathe of fresh air, you been so bored lately
And how you like to be reassured by me telling you that you the one
And how it be mine and how I’m going crazy
You got a nigga caught up in it, every time I’m all up in it
Loving every minute, all I know is I don’t wanna finish
And I’mma be talking to you while I hit it when you ask me to

[Hook - Tia London]

January, 22nd 2017
The same words are repeated for many times at the beginning of the song, but then starts the main theme, which, in contrast to the entry, sung by a male voice in style of recitative instead of R’n’B, as women’s voice did. This gives grounds to classify the genre of a song as rap. If to separate the chorus and the rest of the song, you could get two separate tracks. The first one – with a woman's voice – an incredibly pleasant and relaxing. And the second is rap.

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