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Beyond the Lights Album Cover

Beyond the Lights

Soundtrack lyrics for Movie • 2014

Beyond the Lights Tracklist

Beyond the Lights album description:

A touching story about the life of a girl who became a popular singer, thanks to the passionate desire of her mother, but which did not become her own wish.
There is a lot of voice, shows and other elements of show business in the film, which pass as if the background of her personal tragedy of a lifetime. And a collection of music for this film has turned out exactly the same on the mood – slow, tragic, mildly dull and completely apathetic to life (Masterpiece or Dream). Even up to suicide, which is quite likely would have taken place if the rescue had not came in time to help in the face of a young police officer, in whom a singer falls in love afterwards.
Later the story has a lot of twists and surprises, about which you can goodly think of with the sounds of songs from Nina Simone or Beyoncé, representing here some of their most powerful songs. Those who blissfully like the strong vocals that completely displace the music in the background, will love for sure the product named Grateful, which affects with its strength.
Everything that happens on the screen, is reflected in the accompany music. Sound producers of the film really tried to make the entire collection in the same direction and mood. In spite of this, here you'll find an abundance of genres: pop, rap, a-capella, soul, blues and R’n’B. What not here is rock, because they are in the completely different genre than what the publishers wanted to put in this film.
As many as 35 vocal tracks (two of which are a-capella) and 2 instrumental make this selection is sufficient bulk to listen to it for hours.

January, 22nd 2017


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