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October, 13th 2016
Fine gospel, where singer named Blanca makes the most beautiful song of the entire collection. She reveals that the Lord can take all of her, until she surrenders, until she is overwhelmed. She was hiding from the truth for too long, fearing to undertake the truth. She will have a flag in her hands, raising them, when He will invade in her heart, filling every piece of it, never mind how many long miles her heart may be away from him. She eventually prays with all the right words. Reference: "Surrender" Official Audio

Surrender lyrics - Blanca

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Surrender Song Lyrics

I've never been one to just let go
Thinking I can do this on my own
Here I am once again, out of control
All the right words coming out when I pray
Even though my heart is miles away
Only me to blame
I'm the star of the show
I’m reaching for something real
I'm done playing pretend
Carry me back to You again
You can take all of me
Every little piece I'm holding
You can invade the very heart of me till I surrender
I'm raising my hands, I'm waving my flag
You can take all of me, all of me
I surrender
So, here it is, all my good and my bad
Walls are coming down like an avalanche
I don't want to fight this love anymore
I've been afraid too long
Hiding from the truth
I need to free, free fall into You
All the fear, all the shame inside of me
All the pride, every insecurity
All the guilt of the secrets that I keep
Take it all, take it all
Every hope, every dream, make them Yours
Be the center of all I'm living for
Let You in like I never have before
Take it all, take it all
You can have all of me
I surrender
You can take all of me, all of me
I surrender