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October, 22nd 2016
Nice jazz funk, full of subtext and perky tube, which merges with the young provocative voices as if in ecstatic pleasure, which to some extent transmitted to the listener. The Jimmy Castor Bunch – the name of this artist. However, not everything is so sunny in the melody. Periodic tapping on cymbals too strongly brought to the foreground. And, even though they set a tempo for melody, they are the only sounds constant all along, distracting from the rest. Reference: More info about "It's Just Begun", the second album by the Jimmy Castor Bunch

It's Just Begun lyrics - The Jimmy Castor Bunch

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It's Just Begun Song Lyrics

Watch me now
Feel the groove
Into something
Gonna make you move
Here we come
On the run
Don't know what we're running from
Day or night
Black or white
Dance or sing
You gotta do your thing
Peace will come
This world will rest
Once we have togetherness
Day or night
We had fun
But it's just begun
It's just begun
It's just begun
It's just begun (x 28)