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Music Video

Everything Is

Gabriel Garzón-Montano Lyrics


Everything Is Lyrics

Everything Is Song Lyrics

Skin is ashy tied up muscles ain’t workin’
Mind is numb from worrying his heart is broken
Tries to cry sometimes but can’t he’s chokin’
Sitting duck the world outside keeps on turning

Everything is everything (well well well well)
Go out and play nevermind the rain (rain)
If your makin ends baby don’t complain (no no no no)
Cause everything is everything (thing)

Cute girl from the cornerstore stopped flirtin’
Tried his luck once or twice but it ain’t workin’
Things done changed from when he was a little baby
Long gone are the days of pa and old lady


Roaches in his place the water not runnin’
But the hydrants blasting children outside playin laughin yeah
The summers hot the women so fine it hurts to sing it
It’s a fool who feels down when there’s people worse off doing everything they can



October, 22nd 2016
Sound is with some squeaks, as if it was recorded on the old vinyl, or as if the sound slows down on a very low-power computer. The picture was shot in the same format, in order to maintain this myth – it is full of bars, jerky movements, and seemed to shout: "buy a new computer, rogue!"
3:28 of lovely video and very ugly man as the main character make this pop + funk with a pleasant light percussion on hollow drums made of pumpkins, delight for the ears.


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