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Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin - Albert King

Soundtrack: Bad Santa 2

Song Lyrics

Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin Song Lyrics

Now Mama's in the kitchen cookin'
And her children are fast asleep
It's time for Santa Claus
To make his midnight creep 'cause

Santa Claus wants some lovin'
Santa Claus wants some lovin'

I know there's something real pretty
Underneath that Christmas tree
But I ain't had no lovin'
And it's wearin' me cause

Santa Claus wants some lovin'
Santa Claus wants some lovin'

Now I been trying to fix this old bicycle
Can't seem to find my pliers
Halfway watchin' Mama
For that sleep in her eyes 'cause

Santa Claus wants some lovin'
Santa Claus wants some lovin'

I don't want no turkey
Don't care about no cake
I want you to come here Mama
'Fore the children wake 'cause

Santa Claus wants some lovin'
Santa Claus wants some lovin'

Now Christmas is for the children
And I want them to be real pleased
But right now Mama it's Christmas Eve
Come make your papa happy please

Santa Claus wants some lovin'
Santa Claus wants some lovin'

November, 11th 2016
If you are a lover of funk with a tint of blues for Christmas – this is your song. It was performed by Albert King Nelson (now deceased, in 1992, aged 69) somewhere between 1972 and 1975 inclusive. This fellow was originally born as a slave on the cotton plantation in Mississippi. This singer was an originator of the broad niche of soulful singing that was mirrored in years after by various singers of his main genre – blues, as well as by rock singers. He was remarkably prolific in the oeuvre and left as many as 41 albums! 16 of them were recorded in the studio, 5 live, and 10 compilations. Posthumous are significant 10 units! As for the individual singles, they were 46. The song here in front of us was not included in any album and was not charted in any country. As for the other positions of his creative brainchildren, there was only 1 (imagine that!) album and 0 songs that peaked #1 in the charts (not in the general ones, but in the blues) – ‘In Session’ of 1999, one of the posthumous albums. The others had different positions, but they were rather disappointing – 182nd, 194th or 49th… Not too good for a person who created a niche, huh? Rather, it is his prolificacy that raised him up, but only in the narrow genre of bluesmen, which isn’t too coincides with the wideness of pop culture.
As for this song, it says about all the same attributes of this holiday – a mother of the family cooking something very tasty on the upcoming meals. The children are in beds now, but they know that there are nice presents lying under the Christmas tree and as soon as they wake up, they’ll be allowed to take them. One of the people in the family is not sleeping (the dad). He is trying to fix own bicycle but is incapable of finding his pliers to do what he is up to. Then he tells the listener, as he loves a mother of his kids very much. So much that he needs no cake or turkey – all he wants is that she came to him now and gave him a hug. He knows that children must be happy, but he also knows that a closeness of his spouse will be a true delight for him and asks/wants her to come closer to him. While singing a song, he has time to input the lines with the name of the tune – ‘Santa Claus Wants Some Lovin,’ as if he is that Santa and he wants some love from his wife. And from his family. Basically, he plays the role of Santa to his family all the years long and we find it heart-touching.
There is much to say about this singer but you can read it on Wiki yourself – just follow the links below to find the extensive biography of the poet, songwriter, music maker, singer, philosopher and an outstanding bluesman, who is included in many halls of fame.

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