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Lonesome Valley - Joe Purdy & Amber Rubarth

Soundtrack: American Folk

Song Lyrics

Lonesome Valley Song Lyrics

You gotta walk that lonesome valley,
You gotta walk it by yourself,
Nobody here can walk it for you,
You gotta walk it by yourself.

Some people say that John was a Baptist,
Some folks say he was a Jew,
But your holy scripture tells you
That he was a preacher too.

Daniel was a Bible hero,
Was a prophet brave and true,
In a den of hungry lions
Proved what faith can do for you.

There's a road that leads to glory
Through a valley far away,
Nobody else can walk it for you,
They can only point the way.

Mamma and daddy loves you dearly,
Sister does and brother, too,
They may beg you to go with them,
But they cannot go for you.

I'm gonna walk that lonesome valley,
I'm gonna walk it by myself,
Don't want to nobody to walk it for me,
I'm gonna walk it by myself.

November, 24th 2017
The name of the song – Lonesome valley – is an allegory of life itself. They tell that everybody has to walk this lonely valley on their own, nobody can go the way for you, even your mom, dad, brother or sister – they can’t, they too have their paths to go. They can call you to come along but they can’t replace you in this. Then, the singers of this folk tell about faith and further develop this idea telling about some preachers and saints of old days, for instance, John and Daniel. Daniel, by the way, was a prophet & he was in a pit full of hungry lions to prove his faith’s truth. There are roads leading to glory.

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